43 Best Song Quotes that Magically Capture Us

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Inside: 43 Best Song Quotes There is something about a special song. A song we share with someone special to us, or just one that we cannot get out of our head. There is something magical about music in that it can capture us. It can take a time of our life and capture it […]

25 Best I Love My Brother Quotes

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Inside: I love my brother quotes with images. We all love our brothers. Sometimes that shows in how we fight, how we forgive, and how we are there for each other. Showing your brother that you love him will always make his day. So take some time today to tell your brother how much you […]

27 San Francisco Quotes to With Images

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Inside: San Francisco quotes with images. San Francisco is a magical place; there’s a reason so many people want to live there and so few can afford it. From the fog that delights in the morning, to the celebration of humanity that flows through it’s streets, San Francisco is a special place. You can have […]

23 Rock Bottom Quotes to Fuel Your Success

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Inside: Rock bottom quotes with images. Hitting rock bottom is never pretty. No one is ever grateful and happy when they have lost everything. But for many of us, we look back with fondness over time in life where we were on the mat being counted out. We smile when we think of how it […]

Short Running Quotes

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Inside: Short running quotes. For those of us who run, it’s a way of life. It’s so hard to describe to someone the life that running gives you. We compiled these short running quotes to capture the joy that is running. Whether you have been running for most of your life, or are new at […]

Live in the Moment Quotes To Inspire

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Inside: Live in the moment quotes with images There is something incredibly powerful about living in the moment. None of us do this perfectly, as there is always some anxiety creeping into the back of our mind. But, those moments we are able to focus on the gift that is today; those are always the […]

30th Birthday Quotes With Video To Make this One Special

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Inside: 30th birthday quotes with video. There is something monumental about turning 30, so much so that apparently many women never actually turn 30. Whether you are terrified of turning 30, or welcoming it with open arms, it’s still a great day to celebrate the wonderful life that you have. These 30th Birthday Quotes are […]

Swoon Worthy Birthday Quotes for Wife

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Inside: birthday quotes for your wife Your wife is one of the most amazing people you know. She is your standard of beauty, and your forever “yes.” Yet sometimes we struggle to find the right words to tell her how wonderful she is on her birthday. That’s why we put together these “Birthday Quotes for […]

27 Happy Easter Quotes with Images to Print

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Inside: 27 Happy Easter Quotes with Images to Print!  Chocolate eggs, cute little bunnies, and springtime in the air, these are just a few of my favorite things about Easter. I love Easter time, the feeling it brings of a fresh start and brighter days. Often times we get together as a family and celebrate […]

20th Birthday Quotes With Images To Make You Laugh

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Inside: 20th birthday quotes with images. The 20th Birthday might just be the weirdest birthday you have. On the one hand, you are just one year away from your 21st birthday, and you are no longer a teenager. On the other hand, your still one year away from the greatest birthday of your life and […]

Morning Motivational Quotes With Images

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Inside: Morning motivational quotes. If motivation came naturally then we would never need someone to give it to us. These Morning Motivational Quotes are designed to give you the push you need to be awesome today. Whether it is a partner at the gym, or the co-worker that always has your back, motivation is absolutely […]

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