Pumpkin Patch Quotes to Celebrate the Best Season

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Inside: Pumpkin Patch Quotes. It’s Fall – time for sweaters, falling leaves, and of course, EVERYTHING PUMPKIN. Maybe it’s because your favorite coffee flavoring is back, or maybe it’s because Trader Joe’s comes out with a pumpkin version of everything; whatever it is, it’s pumpkin awesome time. These Pumpkin Patch Quotes are designed to get […]

Cigar Quotes – Celebrate a Good Smoke Well

There is something so very special about a good cigar. Nothing can calm us, bring us together, or just give us a great reason to celebrate like a good cigar. These Cigar Quotes capture the magic that tobacco can bring to our lives. So sit back and enjoy these quotes over a good smoke. What […]

Thank You Teacher Quotes – Start the School Year Right

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There is something absolutely magical about a good teacher. We all can remember those teachers whose kindness touched our hearts. Some of us are now parents who get to watch as our children get to have a relationship with a special teacher. These “Thank You Teacher Quotes” are designed to help celebrate the special teachers […]

Cozy Fall Quotes to Comfort Your Soul

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There is something about Fall that makes it okay to want to spend your entire Saturday in bed. Sure, there are people out there who prefer to climb mountains, and chop wood, and do all sorts of burly fall things. Not you though. We can find you curled up with a book, drinking something warm, […]

Short Friendship Quotes for Great Friends

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There is nothing more special than a good friend. Someone that gets you, and allows you to get them. All the crazy fun times we had in life were only special because of the people who were there. Having good friends is proven by science to be a great thing. These short friendship quotes capture […]

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