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35 Princess Bubblegum Quotes That Are So PB

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Inside: Best Princess Bubblegum quotes that are the epitome of PB. If you love adventure time, then you are in the right place. Everyone has favorite characters, but my one and only will forever be Princess Bubble gum, aka PB. I have loved her since the beginning, and that love will never fade. Sometimes, I […]

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55 Best Quotes About School Uniforms

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Inside: Quotes about school uniforms that will make you think. There have been many debates about the effect that having mandated school uniforms have on children. On the one hand, it gives students one less thing to worry about and compare themselves over. While on the other hand, it strips them of their individuality. This […]

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73 Cuddle Quotes to Snuggle Up With

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Inside: 73 Cuddle Quotes to Snuggle Up With. Did you know cuddles are scientifically proven to be good for your health? It’s true, researchers say the oxytocin released after a good hug helps ease anxiety and boost the immune system. There is nothing more enjoyable than being wrapped in the arms of someone you love. […]

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