Quotes have a way of transporting us to another mindset…whether it’s to inspire, educate, or just to make us laugh! Hi, I’m Beau Boyd & over the years I’ve come to appreciate the impact a simple quote can have on any situation.

In the early part of 2023, I was fortunate enough to become the new steward of this site. The wonderfully talented Victoria Hudgins originally started Darling Quote to create that special impact for any celebration, ordinary day or challenge you might have coming your way. Through quote images with witty sayings we hope the fun of the quote will be found in your life too.

For birthdays, milestones, and important holidays we have quotes to send for the most important events you’ll have. Whether you’re looking for funny quotes, kids quotes or quotes about love you’ll be sure to find that here.

We have had the fun of collaborating with many companies to bring quotes to life elsewhere.