48 Girly Quotes for Instagram Bio

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Inside: 48 Girly Quotes for Instagram Bio. Your Instagram Bio is the new first impression. You have 150 characters to woo any visitors that come across your profile. It needs to be direct, fun, and show exactly who you are as a person. Looking for the right words to captivated and gain a follower but […]

53 Cool Quotes for Instagram Captions

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Inside: Cool Quotes for Instagram Captions The perfect Instagram post isn’t all about just a picture. You have to have the right hashtags, filters, and most importantly a brilliant caption! A captivating caption can draw in your followers and create fun engagement for all. Here are 53 cool quotes for Instagram captions that you’ll love. […]

Forehead Kiss Quotes to Make You Swoon

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Inside: Forehead kiss quotes. There is something so special and magical about a kiss on the forehead. It might just be the sweetest gesture that a guy can do for a girl. It is a deep sign of care and protection, and far more intimate than a peck on the lips. These quotes were gathered […]

61 Audacious Couple Travel Quotes

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Inside: 61 Audacious Couple Travel Quotes.  Traveling the world is one of the most adventurous and exciting experiences, but traveling with someone you love makes it so much better! Creating fun and everlasting memories with your partner can bond you together forever! These 61 couple travel quotes are the perfect way to express these wonderful […]

25 Surfing Quotes to Fuel Your Soul

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Inside: Surfing quotes.  For those of us who surf, it isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life. It is impossible to put into words what if feels like to catch the perfect wave after hours of searching after it. These surfing quotes will never replicate what it feels like to be on the water, […]

31 Unforgettable Family Adventure Quotes

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Inside: 31 Unforgettable Family Adventure Quotes My favorite family memories are going on a great adventure together. Whether it is traveling or trying something new my greatest adventures are the ones with my family by my side. We love learning about the world and finding out new things every chance we can get. Even in […]

Softball Quotes For A Fast Pitch Party

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Inside: Softball quotes. Softball isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life. There is something magical about the grass, dirt and the bases. Not everyone gets it, and that’s okay. But for those of us that do, it is everything. These Softball quotes will remind you of all the joy and glory that you’ve […]

37 Retirement Quotes for Cake With Funny Images To Share

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Inside: 37 Retirement Quotes for Cake. Retirement, it seems like such a crazy thing! After years of dedication and loyal service, those retirees deserve it all. They have spent endless hours and many years serving continuously. There is something so honorable about someone retiring, and it should be celebrated. One of my favorite ways to […]

25 Manly Birthday Quotes for Guys

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Inside: 25 Manly Birthday Quotes for Guys Do you have a special man in your life, one that deserves the happiest of birthday wishes? From your dad, brother, grandpa, or best friend we have 25 manly birthday quotes for guys that are perfect for wishing him Happy Birthday! Send these awesome quotes to that special […]

Cute Quotes for Girls – You’re a Badass

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There is nothing better than a quote that empowers women to embrace their beauty and their fierceness. These “Cute Quotes for Girls” embrace just that. For so long, being a cute girl, or being a badass were considered bad things. We disagree. We think cute girls, beautiful girls, can be strong, fierce woman as well. […]

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