Birthday Quotes

Turning 18 Quotes that are Hilarious and Meaningful

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Inside: Hilarious & meaningful turning 18 quotes.  You only turn 18 once. Turning 18 means you can legally buy tobacco and also alcohol in most countries outside the US. It also means you can vote and are officially an adult. This right of passage usually comes with fanfare, and of course, gifts and well-wishes. These […]

50th Birthday Quotes to Make the Day Special

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Turning 50 is a big deal. In older days it meant you were beginning the twilight of your life. But these days, people have so much energy, ability to travel and time that turning 50 is a gift to be cherished. These 50th Birthday Quotes are designed to help you cherish those you love with […]

79 Happy Birthday To Me Quotes With Images

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Inside: Happy birthday to me quotes It’s my birthday and I’ll quote if I want to! Ha. 🙂 Happy birthday to me indeed, with these sweet and fun quotes you won’t miss a birthday beat. In case you need to buy yourself a little gift while you’re at it, these Happy Birthday to me quotes […]

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