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100 Turtle Quotes For Sea & Land

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Inside: Turtle quotes for sea & land. These little land AND water cuties deserve every quote they get! Turtles are some of the coolest creatures. There are so many different types of turtles, and each has such cool and unique features. Almost every species of turtles live on both land and water, some are just […]

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85 Powerful Dolphin Quotes And Captions

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Inside: Powerful Dolphin Quotes & Captions to Make You Smile. It’s hard not to love dolphins. Their wide mouths make it look like they’re grinning, and their smiles are so infectious. They’re also graceful and flip around in the air like acrobats. It’s so exciting to see them when you’re at the beach, and it […]

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77 Powerful Leopard Quotes & Print Phrases

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Inside: Leopard quotes and print phrases that are powerful enough to roar about.  Throughout history, leopards have served as inspiration for artists, poets, writers and storytellers. They are solitary animals, secretive and hard to spot. They are extremely strong, fast and intelligent. They are often used as sports teams’ mascots, especially football and soccer teams. […]

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31 Bear Quotes For Adventures With Our Grizzly Friends

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Inside: Fascinating bear quotes to prepare you for summer adventure outdoors. Bears are complex creatures from the carnivorous mammal family, and there are approximately eight different species of them known to humankind today. Because this animal is widespread across borders, it’s not shocking that most people find this animal to be intriguing. So much so […]

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