Inside: 25 Happy 10th Birthday Quotes for the Big 1-0

Turning 10 is no small milestone in the life of a child since this is their first-ever two-digit birthday. Considering how momentous this day is in the existence of the average kid, they surely deserve nothing short of super cool and earnestly heartfelt messages powerful enough to make that great day an even more exciting and unforgettable one for them.


Lucky for you we came up with a list of the best Happy 10th Birthday quotes that are perfect to celebrate the big 1-0!

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Happy 10th Birthday Quotes for the Big 1-0

Here are a few of our favorite Happy 10th Birthday quotes to celebrate the big 1-0!

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1. Welcome to a brand-new chapter of your life. You are no longer a baby. Happy 10th birthday to you!

2. Happy birthday to the best kid in town!

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3. May your tenth birthday be as special as you are!

4. The best time of your life is about to come. Happy 10th birthday to you!

5. I hope you have a day that is otter this world.

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6. Today is not just any day, as much as it is important to you, it is much more important to us, because we believe so much in you. Happy 10th birthday kid.

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7. Your kind of boy is really different, a boy of your age should desire ice cream and all of that, but you seem to be different and I love it. Happy 10th birthday.

8. Take a deep breath. Eat the whole cake. And enjoy the day!

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These happy 10th birthday quotes and images are perfect to use at your birthday celebration!

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9. Wow. You are ten years old now. You are getting old too quick. Stop it. Just kidding. Happy Birthday.

10. Happy 10th birthday dear, I am so happy to see you growing up. I can’t believe I share this day with you. I wish you the very best sweetie.

11. Happy 10th Birthday!

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12. You are now 10, how fast you’ve grow up, I am here if you ever need me, just remember you are a special kid, and the favor is your, just believe in yourself.

13. Let them eat cake! 

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14. I will love you to the moon and back, you are my favorite and I will always protect you from harm. Enjoy your 10th birthday dear.

15. Happy 10th birthday princess, may your hair grow longer, may your smile grow brighter and may all your wishes come true as you blow out those candles.

16. Double. Digits. 12.

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17. Happy 10th birthday precious and pretty young thing, we hope that you will have a successful future and find happiness in all you do, enjoy your youthful age.

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10th Birthday Quotes to Celebrate

Happy 10th Birthday quotes that your birthday boy or girl will love!

18. As you wish. 

10th Birthday Quotes For Girls

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19. Having a special 10 year old like you is a blessing to me; I get to share in each and every moment that means the world to you. Happy Birthday dear!!

20. Here’s a birthday toast! 

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21. You make me the happiest and the luckiest person in the world because you are definitely the most awesome 10 year old I know. Have fun on your birthday my dear. I love you so much darling.

22. Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

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23. Slay girl slay, it’s your 10th birthday! 

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Here are a few fun birthday party game ideas for your party! Let us know in the comments your favorite 10th birthday quote!