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Turning a new age is always an exciting and memorable moment for kids since they get to enjoy so many sweets and candy, especially if they are turning 6. Birthday messages to a six-year-old should be filled with love and care.

It should be written in a memorable manner, telling them how much you love them, and how much fun they are going to have.

This makes these Happy 6th Birthday Quotes the perfect messages to share with your new 6-year-old!

Happy 6th Birthday

Happy 6th Birthday Quotes

Share these sweet 6th birthday quotes with your favorite boy or girl and give them something to smile and celebrate. 

1. You are growing up so fast! Time does fly when we’re having so much fun! Happy 6th birthday!

2. Make four wishes because you’re 6 years old today. Happy 6th birthday!

3. This is your special day. Every second today is for you. After all, it’s your birthday, so let’s hear you roar, I’m 6, I’m 6 and I’m 5 no more! Happy 6th birthday!

4. Today is your day. It’s all about you. There are so many wonderful things you can do! Happy birthday!

6th Birthday Messages

5. If your birthday’s super cool and a special time for you, then every wish that’s in this card has come completely true! Have lots of fun on your birthday.

6. There’s no better way to celebrate someone who is 6 years old! Happy 6th birthday!

7. Enjoy your presents, enjoy your cake, enjoy the fun today will make! Happy birthday

8. It’s your fourth birthday and I have to say that I’m so fond of you in so many ways. Happy 6th birthday!

9. More Birthday wishes for a Six-Year-old

Birthday Wishes for 6-Year-Old Girl

These girly birthday messages are the perfect birthday wishes for a 6-year-old granddaughter, sister, or niece. 

10. These sweet 6th birthday quotes for girls are so so sweet!

11. You turned six today. Do you know what that means? You are six times a little lady! Happy 6th birthday!

Happy Birthday Today

12. Congratulations to the 6-year-old princess! On your special b-day, you can enjoy yourself today as a great queen. Wishing lots of fun for you and your friends!

13. Light the candles, cut the cake, this is a very special date. A precious little girl is turning six. Here are birthday wishes for someone I adore. Happy 6th birthday!

14. Happy 6th Birthday to an extremely clever little girl. Don’t forget us when you make your 1st million! Wishing you a very happy birthday.

15. Happy 6th Birthday, kiddo! May everything you touch turn into gold.

16. My world is enclosed in the eyes of little girls. And when I see you, my heart starts dancing. Love you, little princess.

17. A 6-year-old girl running to you is the sweetest thing ever. Six hugs and six kisses for the cutest girl.

18. Joy is singing in my heart because of my wonderful princess, she is growing up steadily. I love you 6 times more than your mom.

19. You are my favorite cookie that I want to eat. Wish you a beautiful 6th birthday, my wonderful daughter.

Birthday Wishes for 6-Year-Old Boy

These Happy Birthday Boy 6 years old quotes are perfect to share with your brother, son, nephew, or Happy 6th birthday grandson inspiration. 

20. Happy Birthday to the coolest 6-year-old boy in pre-school. I wish you all the best for your 6th year on earth!

21. That’s because you’re a BIG boy of 6. Happy 6th birthday!

22. That’s because you’re a BIG boy of 6. Happy 6th birthday!

23. Happy Birthday to the latest 6-year-old in town! Welcome to the big boy leagues.

24. You are the coolest child that deserves the coolest party.

25. Continue to grow into the brave little man you are, you are turning 6 now and that’s awesome.

26. To the kid who always refuses to give me a hug, have the best 6th birthday. May you run at me one day.

27. Happy 6th Birthday to the kid who likes smashing everything.

Happy 6th Birthday Messages

These birthday messages are the best way to celebrate the birthday boy or girl. 

37. This year, your sixth birthday will be full of friends, fun, and gifts! Happy 6th birthday!

38. May your sixth birthday find you happy and as cute as ever! Happy 6th birthday!

6th Birthday Quotes for Girls

39. Bring out the band. It’s time to sing and dance. Happy birthday, little six-year-old, I’m your biggest fan!

40. On your sixth birthday, you deserve six BIG hugs, six BIG kisses, and six BIG wishes.

41. May your sixth birthday find you happy and as cute as ever! Happy 6th birthday!

43. At six years old, you’re so fun. Happy 6th birthday, have a happy time!

44. May your birthday cake be smothered in icing with 6 of the brightest candles to blow out.

45. Turning six is so cool! No! It’s super, super, super cool! Happy 6th birthday!

46. Have a super-duper 6th birthday!

47. May 6 be the best year yet.

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6th Birthday Quotes