Inside: The Best Birthday Invitation Quotes.

Celebrating birthdays can be oh so much fun! Inviting your dearest friends and family to celebrate in all the birthday festivities can be one of the best parts. Finding the perfect word to share in inviting all your favorite guests can sometimes be a little hard to come up with.

Don’t worry though, here is a list of the best birthday invitation quotes for you to share.

Birthday Invitation Quotes

The Best Birthday Invitation Quotes

1. When friends are near, it’s time to cheer.
Be at my birthday party, don’t come late my dear!

2. We have a surprise for someone you know
A great party is planned
You’re invited, too!
Just keep it secret and make the birthday girl blush!

3. We’ll be chippin’, dippin’,
and margarita sippin’
as we celebrate
My 35th Birthday

4. To have a guest like you in our party would be a wonderful delight!
Please join us for a remarkable celebration of our baby’s birthday which will be taking place at our house.

5. What could be better than friends and cake?

Birthday Invitation Quotes

6. Calling all of the Birthday Girl’s friends!
Let’s get together for a scavenger hunt – and let the Slumber Party begin!

7. Please be my guest at my birthday!
We’re having a party and hope you’re coming!

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8. You are invited to the birthday party of our little angel as she is turning five.

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9. Join us for music, fun, great food to eat.
You’re invited for some birthday fun.
This is a party you just can’t skip.

10. Cakes and candies what fun it’ll be,
Please come to my birthday
Birthday Party Invitations

11. Please come with your golf clubs as we celebrate the birthday of our little golfer.

12. We will celebrate the birthday out in the sun with food, music and magic, It will be fun.

13. The party has just begun Our little darling is turning one!

Birthday party quotes

14. Balloons and candles icing on the cake.
It’s my birthday party hope you can make.

15. Sparkles and glitters glam and style! Our little darling is turning five!

16. Our little princess is turning three and we are organizing a fun tea party in her honor. You are cordially invited to it.

17. My first birthday party will be really fun! If you will all join me as I turn ONE!

Birthday Invitation Ideas

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18. The cake might have only one candle but we will have loads of fun and food when the little apple of our eyes celebrates her first birthday.

19. Fragile information!!! Handle with care!! We are hosting a surprise birthday party for (name)! Do join us in this surprise and Shhhh! Do not blow the secret till then!!

20. It’s the most special day for me. As I was planning to throw a wonderful birthday party at our residence, your name came first on the list of the guests. Please be my guest!

21. It is going to be the wildest party that you have ever experienced. We’ll have great fun playing weird games and making a fool of our beloved birthday boy. You are invited!

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22. We are decorating my house for the birthday party that’s going to take place! You are invited to ruin it all and make a mess out of it.

23. She is turning (age) just after a few days. Please be with us on (date) as we make this birthday of her a truly wonderful event to remember for life.

24. We are going to celebrate the birthday of our daughter with a big cake and a lot of fun. You are cordially invited to be a part of the beautiful night.

25. Mark the date on your calendar because it’s the birthday of our beloved son. Let us all be together on the day to give our blessings to him.

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