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43 Peanut Butter Quotes for Instagram

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Inside: 43 Peanut Butter Quotes for Instagram Do you love peanut butter and jelly or do you just eat peanut butter alone on a spoon? If you are a peanut butter fanatic and a major foodie who lives for peanut butter in combination with anything, look no further than us to make your Instagram postings complete! Check out our best Instagram captions […]

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Funny Margarita Quotes + Salty Sayings

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Inside: Funny Margarita Quotes + Salty Sayings. Over 21? Need an excuse to hit the bars mid-week? These margarita quotes for National Margarita Day will give you one. Wednesday, Feb. 22 marks National Margarita Day, and considering that it falls on a hump day, I think it’s fair to say that it’s most welcome. After all, sometimes […]

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86+ Sizzling Bacon Quotes and Sayings

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Inside: Bacon Quotes for the griddle. Bacon, made from various cuts mostly from the pork belly or from the less fatty back cuts, is a type of salt-cured pork. Bacon can be consumed on its own, or used as an addition to flavor dishes ranging from pasta to salads, and sandwiches to hamburgers! Bacon is […]

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41 Pancake Quotes + Syrup Sayings For Instagram

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Inside: Mouth-Watering Pancake Quotes + Syrup Sayings. Picture this. It’s a Saturday morning, you wake up feeling refreshed and excited for the weekend. You go to the kitchen and there sits the tallest, fluffiest, and gooiest stack of perfectly golden pancakes. Butter melts from the middle while gooey warm syrup drips from its edges.  Is […]

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Inspiring Healthy Food Quotes + Messages

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Inside: Inspiring Healthy Food Quotes + Messages. Eating healthy is the best choice to make for your diet. It is vital for good health and can reduce the risk of numerous chronic health conditions. It also helps maintain a healthy weight and gives you more energy to enjoy life. If you are trying to improve […]

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71 Waffle Quotes With Syrupy Puns

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Inside: Waffle Quotes Slathered in Puns and Syrup. You could caption your upcoming post with a simple phrase like, “Out for brunch,” or a quote from Parks and Recreation’s resident waffle lover Leslie Knope such as: “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work.” But you’d rather go the extra mile for […]

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65 Comfort Food Quotes (2023 Collection)

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Inside: A Collection of Comfort Food Quotes to Share. Julia Child said that the people who love food are always the best people. I couldn’t agree more. Here’s a collection of the tastiest comfort food quotes for people who love food. There are delicious quotes about your favorite comfort foods, dining, celebrations, and a few […]

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