Inside: The Ultimate List of Food Quotes + Tasty Sayings (173+ Ideas).

Everyone loves food. Looking at it. Smelling it. Taking pictures of it. Making it. Eating it. Posting it on Instagram and Pinterest. And of course, talking about it!

Nothing brings people together like a generous spread of delicious food. It’s the universal unifier. Food serves as a cultural marker, attends every milestone and celebration, and can be dressed up or down.

Food is where the heart is. 

Enjoy these food quotes that remind us that life is short, so eat great food. 

These sweet, simple, and inspirational thoughts are perfect for sharing with friends, family, and the ones you love.

Best Food Quotes

Best Food Quotes

This first section of food quotes is our favorite, packed full of classic and funny sayings.

Julia Child said that the people who love food are always the best people. I couldn’t agree more.

If you’re looking for a little comfort in food then check out this collection of the tastiest comfort food quotes for people who love food. There are delicious quotes about your favorite comfort foods, dining, celebrations, and a few funny ones too.

1. Calories don’t count during the weekends.

2. Come on, hog it out!

3. Count memories, not calories.

4. Donut worry, be happy.

5. Eating spaghetti requires so much attention. That’s why you can never feel lonely while eating it.

6. Everything tastes good when you’re hungry.

7. First, we eat breakfast. Then, we change the world.

8. Fueled by ramen.

9. Good food is the foundation of happiness.

10. I have hunger management issues.

11. I love Instagram because it allows me to maintain a record of every meal I partake.

12. Food is always more satisfying after a day’s hard work.

13. I love you to the fridge and back.

14. I’m feeling heroic today. I think I might go rescue some alcohol trapped in some kind of bottle later.

15. I’ve always been fond of hashtags. They remind me of waffles!

16. If it’s made of chocolate, then I’m going to eat it!

Yummy Food Captions

Clearly, food is an obsession with many. Check out these yummy sayings and if you’re still not satisfied then binge on these other famous and meaningful soul food quotes.

17. If my plate is full, I’m happy.

18. In order to achieve a balanced diet, one must hold a cookie in each hand.

19. Love and sausage are alike. I can never get enough of both.

20. Magic happens in the kitchen during lunchtime and dinner time.

21. Most people eat to live. On the contrary, I live to eat.

22. Note to self: “Eyes on the fries!”

23. Take food as your medicine before you take medicine as your food.

24. When you eat food with your family and friends, it always tastes better!

25. You know what’s better than blabbering about food? Yup, eating!

Funny Food Quotes

We love funny food quotes this collection is packed full of hilarious sayings. 

26. I love pizza. I want to marry it, but it would just be to eat her family at the wedding.

27.  I just want someone to look at me the way I look at food.

28. Sorry—I’m in a relationship. With food.

Short Food Quotes

29. Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

30. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

31. Home is wherever I’m with food.

32. “If we shake out all of the crumbs from all of the keyboards in the world, we can end world hunger.”-Matthew Dolkart

33. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

34. Donut kill my vibe.

Hamburger Quotes

35. Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius.

36. Don’t be sad… we live in a world with cheeseburgers.           

37. Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping – they called it opportunity. Bill Gates

38. Grill and chill.            

39. If it’s not too late, make it a cheese-burger. 

40. If you put an egg on a burger, you’ve got breakfast.

41. It has lettuce and tomato… so a burger is basically a salad.  

42. Life is too short to miss out on beautiful things like a double cheeseburger. Channing Tatum

43. Meat or veggie, all burgers are beautiful.     

44. The journey of a thousand pounds begins with a single burger. Chris O’Brien

45. You hamburgled my heart.  

French Fry Quotes

What goes better with french fries than ice cream? Check out these hot french fry quotes that pair perfectly with these cool ice cream sayings. 

46. Keep your friends close and your French Fries closer

47. I only have fries for you

48. French fries and tasty vibes

49. I speak French fries

50. Fries before guys

51. Fry me a river

52. French fries. I love them. Some people are chocolate and sweets people. I love French fries. That and caviar

53. We go together like French fries and ketchup

54. French fries made me do it

French Fry Sayings

55. Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry

56. I’m happier than a bird with a French fry

57. I don’t want your opinion, I want French Fries

58. Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries

59. Keep your eyes on the fries

60. Exercise? I thought you said fries!

61. Keep your friends close and your fries closer

Fried Rice Quotes + Captions

62. Rice, Rice Baby

63. Rice that is fried and tastes yum! 

64. Fried rice for the soul! 

65. Gobble your fried rice with some home-made chicken-chili! 

66. Be my guest and please make me some fried rice! 

67. When bored, always have fried rice.

68. Fried rice makes your boiled rice taste better! 

69. Have nothing to eat? Taste our juicy fried rice to fill your soul! 

70. Our amazing fried rice is ready to burst in your mouth!

71. Burst into flames with our new fried rice combo! 

72. Keep calm and have fried rice!

73. Fried food for every mood! 

74. Fried food is the best! 

75. Fried rice isn’t fried? 

Salad Quotes

Now don’t get too disappointed, we had to add a little green to the list. These healthy salad quotes are perfect to freshen up our list. 

76. A salad ain’t just a meal; it’s a way of life.

77. All you need is…plants.

78. Big fan of leafy dishes.

79. Check out my greens!

80. Chock full of delicious flavors!

81. Do I have any addictions? Well, salads maybe.

82. Eat clean, be happy.

83. Eat crappy, feel crappy. Eat healthy, feel healthy.

84. Every time I eat salad, I’m like: “My life better change after this!”

85. For the love of greens!

86. Fresh, crisp, and full of life.

87. Fruit salad is the best salad. Fight me!

88. Grazing and gorging as much as I want.

89. Guess who’s cutting back on carbs?

90. Happiness is picking and enjoying greens from your own backyard.

Short Food Quotes + Captions

91. Halt your work and eat lunch!

92. Sorry, I’m in a relationship—with food!

93. Food is fuel.

94. Sorry, if it’s not on the plate, then it can wait.

95. Whenever you see me seemingly thinking deep thoughts, I’m probably just thinking about food.

96. Why am I eating cake? Because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere out there!

97. Food is really and truly the most effective medicine.

98. Never break a promise! On the other hand, you can break as many pie crust as you want.

99. Food is my number 1 priority.

100. Who needs love when you can eat all the chocolate in the world.

101. I feel like stripping whenever I see good food.

102. There is no love more sincere than my love for food.

103. If you’re hungry and you want thousands of something, then eat rice!

104. Who needs inspirational quotes when you can just drink coffee?

105. If you combine wine and dinner, the new word is winner

106. Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

Dessert Food Quotes

107. To eat is to appropriate by destruction.

108. I like my coffee black like my soul.

109. Eat whatever you want, and if someone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too!

110. If you combine good flavors, food turns into an orchestra.

111. If the fries is right, then we have a deal!

Food and Friends Quotes

There is nothing better than enjoying good food with great friends. These food and friends’ sayings are the perfect way to share the love of food with the people you love most. 

One of the most common ways people can share their love for making bread or connect with other bread lovers. Share in the bread love with these doughy quotes and sayings. 

112. Nothing brings people together like good food

113. Food is the ingredient that binds us together

114. In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips

115. Good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends

116. Good food, good friends and good laughs

117. Keep your friends close, and your snacks closer

118. “People who love to eat are always the best people” – Julia Child

119. Friday is my second F word. My first is food, definitely food.

120. Ways to my heart: 1) Buy me food 2) Make me food 3) Be food

121. Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming at a restaurant

122. For me, BAE stands for Bacon and Eggs

The 100+ Hottest Food Quotes on the Menu

81 Pizza Quotes – Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, and for good reason! It’s affordable, delicious, and there’s an option for everyone. And it’s not just popular in pizza shops. It’s popular on Instagram too! Check out a few of our favorite pizza sayings and captions. 

75 Taco Quotes – Taco Tuesday is the perfect excuse to do something you really don’t need an excuse for anyway: eat a tremendous amount of tacos all day long until you can’t imagine eating another taco (if such a feeling exists). Check out our favorite tasty taco quotes and captions that add the perfect dash of spice to your taco obsession!

25 Funny Coffee Quotes – Don’t let the foodie obsession stop at tacos, these warm coffee quotes are also a favorite.  I like a nice tall, hot cup of joe every morning. Who am I kidding I usually have to have one every mid-afternoon as well! I know, I know, it’s a bad habit but listen a girl has to do what a girl has to do! Add a little extra pep to your morning routine with these coffee quotes.

Popular Food Sayings

223. Laughter is the brightest in the place where the food is.

224. One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.

225. After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.

226. The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.

227. Popcorn for breakfast! Why not? It’s a grain. It’s like, like, grits, but with high self-esteem.

228. You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.

229. Food can be very transformational, and it can be more than just about a dish. That’s what happened to me when I first went to France. I fell in love. And if you fall in love, well, then everything is easy.

230. The chief pleasure in eating does not consist in costly seasoning, or exquisite flavor, but in yourself.

231. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

232. Don’t go bacon my heart.

233. First, we eat. Then, we do everything else.

234. Lifes is uncertain. Eat dessert first

235. There’s no we in fries.

236. I like people who love to eat. They’re the best kind of people in the world.

237. Eat gelato like there’s no tomorrow!

238. I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, I eat it.

239. All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

240. Great food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want.

Taco Quotes + Captions

241. Tuesday is better with tacos.

242. Work Hard. Be Nice. Eat Tacos. 

243. If you don’t like tacos, I’m nacho type.

244. Live every day like it’s taco Tuesday.

245. It’s okay if you fall apart sometimes. Tacos fall apart and we still love them. 

246. Keep the flowers, buy me tacos. 

247. Who even cares what day it is? It’s Taco Tuesday whichever day I want it to be!

248. Inhale tacos. Exhale negativity. 

249. Don’t judge your taco by its price.

250. I could write prophetically about how perfect the taco is.

251. When it’s done properly, taco should be a verb.

252. Everything goes better with tacos.

253. “Thank you, hard taco shells, for surviving the long journey from the factory, to the supermarket, to my plate, and then breaking the moment I put something inside you. Thank you.” – Jimmy Fallon.

254. All I’m saying is you’ve never seen me crying and eating tacos at the same time. 

255. Abs are great, but have you ever tried a crunch chicken taco?

256. Feed me tacos and tell me I’m pretty.

A Few More of Our Favorite Food Sayings

The food fun doesn’t stop here, check out a few more of our favorite food quotes and captions that will satisfy all your taste buds. 

257. To live a full life, you have to fill your stomach first 

258. Calories? I think you mean delicious points 

259. Cheese is the glue that holds my life together

260. Carbs might be my soulmate

261. Donut kill my vibe

262. Hunger is a good cook

263. People who love to eat are always the best people 

264. Spread love as thick as you would Nutella 

265.  Patience is the secret to good food

266. Don’t be upsetti, eat some spaghetti 

267. Good food never fails in bringing people together.

268. Life is a combination of magic and pasta.

269. We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.

270. 9 out of 10 people love chocolate. And the 10th person is always lying.

271. I’m soy into you.

272. Ways to my heart: 1. Buy me food 2. Make me food 3. Be food

273. Life is about exploring the pasta-billities.

Our Favorite Dessert Quotes

What better way to finish off a food quotes list than with a little dessert, check out our favorite sweet sayings.

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  • Milkshake Quotes – What is better than a nice, creamy, cold milkshake? I personally love classic vanilla. I know, I know, before you attack my basic-ness, it’s always been my favorite. Trust me, my family always reminds me it’s lame and basic. No matter what your favorite milkshake flavor is, these cute quotes pair perfectly with everyone’s taste.  These quotes are perfect to share your milkshake date with on the ‘gram. Make a creamy curate caption with these delicious milkshake quotes that never fail your taste buds. 
  • Delicious Pie Quotes – Apple pie, cherry pie, pumpkin pie—the ingredients make no difference as long as youre working plenty of mouthwatering baked treats into your holiday diet. And since theres no better time of year to eat pie, theres also no better time to post about all your tasty desserts on Instagram. Pair these witty words with your perfect pie on Instagram or write them in a card delivered with your fresh handmade goodies.

Food Quotes