Inside: Hilarious fly fishing quotes that are perfect for this summer

When I think back to my summers during my childhood, I often picture my dad fly fishing. He picked up the hobby one day and just never looked back!

I never really got too into it, but now that I am an adult I was curious what he loved so much about it. So I went ahead and found some of the best fly fishing quotes from around the world. I wanted to see what other people had to say about this sport.

Photo of someone fly fishing

So whether you are a fly fisherman or you are like me, a person trying to understand their parent more, you are going to love the quotes below.

Famous Fly Fishing Quotes

First up, I wanted to share some of the more famous fly fishing quotes. I was so intrigued by these!

1. “Fly fishing is an art, and art is not unattainable.” – George Herbert

2. “Time is but the stream I go fishing in.” – Henry David Thoreau

3. “Fly fishing is a constant reminder that perfection is unattainable.” – Mark Baginski

4. “Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” – Henry David Thoreau

5. “Fly fishing offers a gateway to tranquility and self-discovery.”

6. “Fly fishing is the perfect excuse to do nothing in the most beautiful places on earth.” – James R. Babb

7. “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable.” – John Buchan

8. “In fly fishing, it’s not the fish you catch that matters most; it’s the experiences you create along the way.” – Anonymous

9. “To him, all good things come in threes – friends, dreams, and fishing.” – Evelyn Conlon

10. “Fly fishing is poetry in motion.” – Lloyd Tackitt

11. “Fly fishing: A matter of constant anticipation and occasional participation.” – Arnold Gingrich

12. “The best time to go fishing is when you can get away.” – Robert Traver

13. “The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad.” – A.K. Best

14. “Fly fishing is a dance with the currents, a song of the waters.” – Nancy Youngblood

15. “Fly fishing teaches us to live in the moment and embrace the flow of life.”

16. “Fly fishing is an escape from reality and a plunge into nature’s beauty.” – Bill Bernhardt

17. “When all else fails, go fly fishing.” – Jack Ohman

18. “Fly fishing is the art of creating beautiful illusions.” – Paul Arden

19. “The joy of fly fishing lies in its simplicity and the elegance of its execution.”

20. “Fly fishing is like a puzzle with no solution, but it’s the solving that makes it worthwhile.” – John Gierach

In the river of life, fly fishing helps us find our flow.

More Sayings About This Sport

The more that I read about this sport, but the more I want to start fly fishing myself. Honestly, by the end of this list, I am probably going to be fishing.

21. “Fly fishing is the meditation I didn’t know I needed.” – Anonymous

22. “In fly fishing, there are no regrets, only stories.” – Leigh Perkins

23. “Fly fishing is not about catching fish; it’s about catching memories.”

24. “Fly fishing: Where patience becomes a virtue, and solitude a blessing.” – William C. Stewart

25. “Fly fishing is the poetry of motion and the art of the quiet moment.” – Anonymous

26. “Fly fishing is a journey of self-discovery, where the river is the mirror.”

27. “Fly fishing is not a matter of life and death. It’s much more important than that.” – Anonymous

28. “Fly fishing teaches us to read the water and listen to the rhythms of nature.” – Thomas Boswell

29. “Fly fishing is the balm for a weary soul.”

30. “In fly fishing, we find the strength to let go and the patience to wait.” – John Dietsch

31. “Fly fishing: The art of embracing imperfection and finding beauty in the tangles.”

32. “The best way to a fisherman’s heart is through his fly.” – Anonymous

33. “Fly fishing is a spiritual journey where fish are the bonus, not the goal.” – Paul Schullery

34. “Fly fishing is not an escape from life but a deeper immersion into it.” – Harry Middleton

35. “In the circle of life, fly fishing is the centering point.”

36. “Fly fishing is a dance of line, water, and soul.” – Joan Wulff

37. “There are always new places to go fishing. For any fisherman, there’s always a new place, always a new horizon.” – Jack Nicklaus

38. “Fly fishing is a humbling experience that keeps us grounded in nature’s grandeur.”

39. “Fly fishing is not a hobby; it’s a way of life.” – Roderick Haig-Brown

40. “In fly fishing, as in life, the journey is more important than the destination.” – Anonymous

fly fishing is poetry in motion. -Lloyd Tackitt

TOP Fly Fishing Quotes

I saved the best for last! I really think you are going to dig these fly fishing quotes. I showed them to my dad, and he gave him his stamp of approval!

41. “Fly fishing is the symphony of water and fly.” – Cathy Beck

42. “Fly fishing is an invitation to embrace the unexpected.”

43. “In fly fishing, you’re not just casting a line; you’re casting a dream.” – Robert Thompson

44. “Fly fishing: The perfect marriage of skill, patience, and wonder.” – Anonymous

45. “Fly fishing is the art of turning time into eternity.” – Tom Brokaw

46. “In the river of life, fly fishing helps us find our flow.”

47. “Fly fishing is a form of prayer, an expression of gratitude to nature’s wonders.” – Tom Davies

48. “Fly fishing is the sweet whisper of the river to our souls.” – Anonymous

49. “In fly fishing, every cast is a new beginning.”

50. “Fly fishing: The contemplative pursuit of the wild and the unknown.” – Paul Schullery

51. “Fly fishing is the most fun you can have standing up, wearing waders.”

52. “Fly fishing: the art of standing in a river, waving a stick around, and hoping the fish find it attractive.”

53. “I fish because the voices in my head tell me to… and the fish, too, of course.”

54. “When I die, I hope the people I annoyed with my fishing stories will honor my memory by going through my fly collection and saying, ‘Yep, he was full of it.'”

55. “Fly fishing is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna catch.”

56. “I don’t always fly fish, but when I do, I release epic tales of the one that got away.”

57. “Fly fishing: where the tug is the drug, and the addiction is real.”

58. “Fly fishing is the perfect solution to any problem that can’t be solved with more fly fishing.”

59. “I go fishing not to find myself, but to lose myself. Especially when I lose my flies in the trees.”

60. “Fly fishing is the only situation where it’s acceptable to talk to yourself about bugs.”

61. “Why do I fish? Because the voices in my tackle box told me to.”

62. “When life gets complicated, I go fly fishing, and suddenly all my problems are replaced by tangles in my line.”

63. “Fly fishing: the art of fooling fish and friends into thinking you’re actually good at it.”

64. “I fish because punching people is frowned upon.”

65. “A bad day of fly fishing is still better than a good day at the office, said every fly fisher ever.”

Fly fishing quotes

These are seriously some of the best fly fishing quotes that I have ever read. They really made me understand why my dad loved it so much.

At the end of the day, fishing is like meditating. It’s been around for longer than I can even wrap my mind around, so naturally, there are so many different experiences from people around the world. It really makes you think about what else we have in common with someone on the opposite side of the earth.

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