Inside: Happy birthday mom quotes

It’s your Mother’s birthday. The birthday of the most special woman in the world. She raised you, put up with your teenage years, and is still always there for you. These “Happy Birthday Mom” Quotes are designed to encourage you to tell her just how special she is on her special day in a card, via text or just to say to her on the phone.

She sacrificed so much so you could feel special and celebrated, and now it’s your turn to celebrate her. She doesn’t need anything special, but warm words from her children will always fill her soul with delight. So say, “Happy Birthday Mom” with one of these special quotes.

“Happy Birthday Mom” Quotes – to the best Mother in the world

1. Happy Birthday to the best Mother in the world!

2. To the mom who gave me life and taught me how to live it – Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

3. What a day to celebrate the birth of the most wonderful woman I know.

4. Thank you for being my heart’s first home – Happy Birthday Mom.

5. You truly do get more wonderful with age.

6. I love celebrating your birth and all the wonderful things about you.

If you weren’t born then neither of us would be around

7. If you weren’t born, then neither of us would be around.

8. Being your least disappointing child is my present to you.

9. Thank you for never leaving me in a shopping cart and running away.

10. You celebrated my birthday when I was in diapers and now I get to with you.

11. To the one who gave me my birthday, I wish you a Happy Birthday.

Birthday Quotes for Mom

12. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you Mom.

“Happy Birthday Mom” Quotes – from your favorite child

13. Happy birthday from your favorite child.

14. You are so special, let’s celebrate your birthday for a week.

15. Dang Mom, you make growing old look so graceful.

16. You are by far my favorite Mother – Happy Birthday!

17. A year older and we still get asked if we are sisters.

Happy Birthday Quotes

18. Mom, you aren’t old, you are the vintage model.

19. Thanks for raising me to be as sweet as you – Happy Birthday!

20. I cannot imagine a world without you; I’m so happy to celebrate your birthday.

21. Since they don’t hand out “Best Mom Ever” awards, we’ll just keep celebrating your birthday.

22. You are so special your birthday should be a national holiday.

23. You are now old enough to be a grandma, just please stop asking when it will happen.

24. Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother. Happy Birthday.

25. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful soul I know.