Wishing someone a Happy Birthday with quotes is a great way to show them that they are special to you! Although Facebook has now made it possible to be lost in a sea of birthday wishes from people who never talk to each other, sending kind birthday wishes is still at the top of my list.

This means we really have to step our game up when it comes to wishes our dearest friends and family a Happy Birthday. That’s what we are trying to do with these Happy Birthday Quotes and Images.

We scoured the interwebs to find the best and funniest quotes and images and to put them together for you to impress your friends with your wit and internet scavenger skills. So grab an image and text a friend, or order a print and memorialize the perfect birthday meme so they can put it up in their office cubicle. It’s their birthday, they are worth it.

Happy Birthday Quotes and Images

1. Happy Birthday. You are really old.

2. I cannot believe it is your birthday. Seems like we just celebrated it last year.

3. I hope your birthday is filled with Friends and laughter – that’s what Netflix is for.

4. Happy Birthday – you magnificent sparkle beast.

5. Glad you part of my pack – Happy Birthday!

6. I would like to thank your mother for evicting you from her vagina this day.

7. Congrats for making it around the sun again without dying.

8. The world is a little more special, cause you’re still here.

9. Happy Wine and Cake Day!!!

10. Happy Birthday you magnificent bastard!

11. You make our lives better just by being part of it – Happy Birthday!

12. You’ve reached the sweet spot of too old for Snapchat, too young for Life Alert.

Studies show that those with more birthdays live longer

13. Studies show those with more birthdays tend to live longer!

14. At least your not as old as you will be next year.

15. Free Cake – I mean happy birthday!

16. I hope your birthday is as awesome as your High School hair.

17. You are smart. You are fabulous. You are old.

18. Dayum you are old – Happy Birthday!

19. Remember when people had to remember your birthday, before Facebook!

Happy Birthday Quotes and Images – A year older, still awesome

20. A year older – and still as awesome as ever!

21. Happiness is spending the day celebrating you.

22. Cheers to the best friend, and oldest person any of us know.

23. Still fighting Father time, and still kicking his old ass.

24. Congrats on a year closer to wearing velcro shoes.

25. Happy Birthday to my Bestest Bitch!