Inside: housewarming quotes to celebrate.

A housewarming is a great time to welcome friends into your home and to stock up on some bottles of wine. More than that though, it’s a time to welcome the most important people in life to celebrate new beginnings in life.

These Housewarming Quotes were designed to put a smile on a loved ones face. Maybe through a funny quote or a sentimental saying. These quotes are an inexpensive way to help cement how happy you are for your friend on their new home.

Order a print of your favorite quote, find a frame and a $10 bottle of wine and let them know how excited you are to spent countless hours on their new couch!

Housewarming Quotes to Celebrate a New Home

Housewarming Quotes to Celebrate a New Home

1. Congrats on your new home. May you get all of your security deposit back when you leave.

2. Good luck convincing your new neighbors you are normal.

3. I pray your new home would be filled with lovely times and memories.

4. I’m a home owner bitches!

5. They never said you would make it this far, but this is YOUR home.

6. When you love what you have, you have everything you need.

Here is some wine because you moved again

7. Here is some wine because you moved again.

8. Congrats on your new pad. I can’t wait to crash there.

9. This home is where the next chapter in your story begins.

10. May the roof protect you from the elements and the cozy walls wrap your family in warmth.

Printable Housewarming Quotes

Housewarming Quotes – I remember when you prayed for this

11. I still remember when you prayed for this home.

12. This neighborhood is lucky to have people like you moving in.

13. Need some more wine, should we move again and have a housewarming party?

14. New Home – Let the Adventure Begin

15. May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.

16. Remember, a stack of dirty dishes is the sign of a full house (or a bad roommate)

Housewarming Quotes to Celebrate a New Home

Sometimes drinking wine and spraying Febreeze counts as cleaning

17. Sometimes drinking wine and spraying febreeze counts as cleaning.

18. Congrats on moving into something other than a treatment facility.

19. May your roommates be quiet and not eat your food.

20. Owning a home is a great blessing – so happy for you.

21. Kick off your shoes and relax – this is your home now.

22. Good friends pair nicely with about any cuisine.

23. There’s no place like home, especially a home not in Kansas.

24. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

25. Welcome to our home – we’re slightly classy, but cuss a little.