Inside: Hump Day Quotes to Get You Through Wednesday

It’s Hump Day, or as most of you call it – Wednesday. Maybe you are like us and always giggle a little, or you just like celebrating almost making it through the week when you hear the term Hump Day. Either way, celebrating the middle of the week with some encouragement or a suggestive joke is always fun.

Except for Dave in the office who just loves going around asking people, “Do you know what day it is?” We put these Hump Day quotes together to spur your week on with humor and encouragement. Take heart, the weekend is coming.

Hump Day Quotes

1. After Tuesday, even the calendar goes WTF!!!

2. We’re halfway to the weekend!

Mid week quotes

3. For a day dedicated to it, I do very little humping on Wednesdays.

4. Wednesday – way fucking better than Monday.

5. If it doesn’t rain on Wednesday does it mean it’s “Dry Hump Day”?

6. Nothing ruins a Wednesday like finding out it’s only Monday.

7. It’s the middle of the week, but only 2 days till the weekend.

8. Another fine day ruined by responsibility.

9. Having a dirty mind makes regular conversations much more interesting.

Wednesday is Latin for “Almost Friday”

These funny Hump Day Quotes will make you laugh through the rest of the week!

10. Wednesday is Latin for “Almost Friday”

11. Wednesday is like the middle finger of the week.

12. Good Morning, don’t be a shitty person today.

funny hump day quotes

13. Hump day is the most misleading of all the days…

14. It may be Wednesday, but you are stronger than you think.

15. Today is a great day to work hard and be nice.

Smile – it’s Hump Day!

Wednesdays can be tough, these Hump Day Quotes make it easier!

16. Smile – it’s Hump Day!


18. Nothing ruins my Friday like realizing it’s only Wednesday.

19. If a co-worker says “Hump Day” to me one more time…

20. Well baby, it is Hump Day…

Hump Day Quotes

21. Today is Hump Day, or as I call it, “Kiss My Ass Day.”

22. Today is usually the day that my coffee needs a little more coffee.

23. I’m happier than a camel on Wednesday.

24. Since I’ve used all my sick days, I’m considering calling in “dead” today.

25. Nothing ruins hump day like not getting humped.

I hope you love these Hump Day Quotes and make the rest of the week a little easier!