Inside: 25 Motivational quotes for students.

With back to school on the horizon, getting everyone motivated is SUPER important. I know we all had fun with our funny summer quotes, but now it’s time to buckle down and do the work.


Make it easier with these quotes to get everyone motivated for the school year ahead.

Motivational quotes for students to start the school year off right.

Inspiring quotes for students going back-to-school

Going back to school can be more fun with a notebook decked out with inspirational quotes! Here’s a favorite stack of notebooks if you’re looking for something to doodle your quotes into.

Back to school dorm wall quotes

1. You are capable of more than you know.

2. Mistakes are proof that you are trying.

3. Leaders never stop learning.

4. The time to be awesome is now.

5. Dreams don’t work unless you do.

6. You are super duper amazing talented go getter let nothing stand in your way ever.

7. Never give up.

Teacher quotes to motivate students

8. Set goals & crush em.

9. You are perfect exactly as you are.

Motivational quotes for students

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Motivational Quotes For Students To Inspire Them

10. Believe you can.

11. Let your dreams come true.

12. Get things done.

13. Have courage and be kind.

14. Stay motivated and study hard.

15. It’s going to be hard but hard is not impossible.

16. Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely.

17. Strive for progress not perfection.

Motivational quotes for students to inspire education

Quotes for an inspirational first day of school

Getting back into the swing of things with a new school year is best done by starting the first day off right! Take a cue from our roundup of quotes and print your own on your notebook, on your bathroom mirror, or even on your lunch bag for the motivation you need to get back to school right this year.

18. Math is hard. So is life. Solve it.

19. You don’t want to look back and know you could’ve done better.

20. Don’t count the days. Make the days count.

21. All things are difficult before they are easy.

Back to school Dorm Quotes Motivational Quotes for Students

back to dorm motivational quotes

22. Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring.

23. Don’t watch the clock. Do what it does and keep going.

24. Don’t stop until you’re proud.

25. Believe you can, and you’re half way there.