Inside: 37 Retirement Quotes for Cake.

Retirement, it seems like such a crazy thing! After years of dedication and loyal service, those retirees deserve it all. They have spent endless hours and many years serving continuously. There is something so honorable about someone retiring, and it should be celebrated.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate is cake, of course. I mean who doesn’t love cake? Crazy people, that’s who. Here are some of the best Retirement Quotes for Cake! So get to planning the best retirement party ever for that special someone.

Retirement Quotes for Cake

Retirement Quotes for Cake

These basic retirement quotes are perfect to have written on the cake! I mean what is a retirement party without cake anyways. I love these simple and fitting retirement quotes for cake, they totally capture the beauty of retiring!

1. Now the Real Fun Begins.

2. Having Fun is Your New Job.

3. Retirement is the Icing on the Cake.

Retirement Quotes

4. The Adventure Begins.

5. Off the Clock… For Good!

6. The Rest of Your Life is the Best of Your Life.

7. One Chapter Ends…
Another Begins

8. Life Starts at Retirement.

9. Enjoy Your Retirement! You’ve Earned It!

10. So Much Fun is Coming Your Way.

Quotes for Cake

11. Newly Retired. Ever Admired. Congrats, [Name]!

Funny Retirement Quotes for Cake

Give a goodbye full of laughs with these funny retirement quotes for cake!

12. Unemployed and Loving It.

13. Take Us With You!

14. Goodbye Tension. Hello Pension!

15. Retirement is a Piece of Cake.

16. Showering is Now Optional.
(But Still Recommended)

Retirement Images

17. Happy Retirement… You Old Fart.

18. PTO = Permanent Time Off.

19. Rock Those Sweatpants! You’re Retired!

20. Goodbyes Are Hard So… GTFO (This is one of my favorite retirement quotes for cake!)

21. Who Needs Weekends? You’re Retired!

22. We Will Miss Your Bad Jokes.

23. Enjoy Those 7-Day Weekends.

24. Who Will Bring Us Donuts Now?

25. Congrats on Your Escape.

26. Enjoy the Shit Out of Your Retirement.

Funny Retirement Quotes


27. Your Last Office Party Evah!!!

28. There’s a Park Bench With Your Name on It.

A Special Few for Teachers & Nurses

Of course, we have to have a few special retirement quotes for cakes for our teachers and nurses. After all, they are the true heroes of the world! Here are some very special retirement quotes for cake to serve to all your nurses or teacher friends!

29. School’s Out Forever.

Quotes for Teachers

30. Assignment: Relaxation.

31. You’ve Graded Your Last Paper!

32. Effort: A+ Kindness: A+ Compassion: A+

33. RN = Retirement’s Nice.

34. Rx Many Years of Relaxation.

Quotes for Nurses

35. ER = Enjoy Retirement.

36. Your Shift is Over. Congratulations!

More Quotes You’ll Love

These retirement quotes for cake are perfect for the party, but here are a few more quotes for life after retirement. Such as living in the moment, adventurous hikes, and sailing! Check out a few more of our favorite quotes! I promise you will love them!

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  • Adventurous Hiking Quotes – I don’t know about you but I love a good adventure. Crisp air, birds chirping, and a great hike is all the makings for a great for me! There is something so refreshing about a great adventure, no matter how big or small! I love a smooth Sunday afternoon stroll at our local hiking path to tackling a big rocky mountain! If you love hiking and fun adventures check out these amazing 25 Hiking Quotes!
  • Sailing Quotes – There is something magical about sailing. While others choose to lay on the beach to feel the sun, we need to feel the wind, be kissed by the sea, and get the worst tan lines possible. These sailing quotes are designed to remind you of why there is no place you would rather be than a boat.

Cheers to retirement and throwing one heck of a party! These retirement quotes for cake are the perfect way to say thank you for your service and you will totally be missed. Let us know in the comments your favorite cake flavor. We are dying to know.