There is nothing more special than a good friend. Someone that gets you, and allows you to get them. All the crazy fun times we had in life were only special because of the people who were there. Having good friends is proven by science to be a great thing.

These short friendship quotes capture the essence of every great friendship. So please, each time a quote makes you think of a friend, share it with them. Use this list to help you remind your friends just how special they are.

best friend quotes short

Short Friendship Quotes

1. You are the best partner in crime.

2. Let’s make some stupid decisions together.

3. You are always there, no matter what.

4. Thank you for always being by my side.

5. You are my Ride or Die, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

6. Friends are the sisters we choose for ourselves.

Short Friendship Quotes – Stay close to people who warm like sunlight

7. Stay close to people who warm like sunlight.

8. You know everything about me and are still here.

9. We got that Monica and Rachel kind of thing

10. You refresh my soul every time we are together

11. You never let me do dumb things – without you!

12. Being your friend has been the greatest blessing in my life.

13. You’re the only one I send ugly selfies to.

14. Thank you for always making me a priority.

15. Every tall person needs a short best friend.

Short quotes for best friends

Thanks for Always Being Weird with Me

16. Thanks for always being weird with me.

17. You never let me drink alone, you are my best friend.

18. You always say good things behind my back, and tough things to my face.

19. Friends are the ones you can fart and burp around without excuse.

20. I know I can do anything, cause you are always there to remind me I can.

21. A day spent with you is a day well spent.

22. “I get by with a little help from my friends.” – The Beatles

Friendship with You, Like Wine, Gets Better with Age

23. Friendship with you, like wine, gets better with age.

24. We are always better together.

25. We have that, “sing at the top of our lungs in the car” kind of friendship.