There is something so very special about a good cigar. Nothing can calm us, bring us together, or just give us a great reason to celebrate like a good cigar.

These Cigar Quotes capture the magic that tobacco can bring to our lives. So sit back and enjoy these quotes over a good smoke.

What Are Great Cigar Quotes To Celebrate a Good Smoke

1. “If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go.” – Mark Twain

2. Bourbon and a Cigar suit me just fine.

3. “I intend to smoke a good cigar to the glory of God” – Charles Spurgeon

4. A good cigar is the perfect end to the week.

Cigar Quotes

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5. Nothing sexier than sharing a cigar with him.

6. I smoke a cigar to celebrate the joy that is life.

7. “Some people meditate; I smoke cigars.” – Ron Perlman

8. Cigar smokers appreciate a good butt.

9. Never trust a man that doesn’t smoke.

10. I’ve quit smoking, but I haven’t quit lying.

Cigar Quotes – “Tobacco is my favorite vegetable.” – Frank Zappa

11. “Tobacco is my favorite vegetable.” – Frank Zappa

12. “Sometimes a cigar is just a smoke and a story’s just a story” – Stephen King

13. “If you cannot send money, send tobacco.” – George Washington

14. “when a man is smoking a cigar, wearing a hat, he has an advantage; it is harder to find out how he feels.”- Saul Bellow

15. A good cigar is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

16. “A cigar is a sort of thing, not exactly a pleasure, but the crown and outward sign of pleasure.” – Tolstoy

17. “When all else fails…try smoking a good cigar and have a stiff drink.” – Timothy Pina

18. I liked it better when men handed out cigars to celebrate becoming a father.

19. Some people would be well served to enjoy a cigar every now and then.

20. “I only smoke in moderation; one cigar at a time.” – Mark Twain

In heaven, tobacco will be good for you

21. In heaven, tobacco will be good for you.

22. A cigar a day keeps the doctor away. Keeps a lot of people away actually.

23. Everyone should believe in something. I believe I’ll have another cigar.

24. People who hate smoking cigars have never had a great cigar.

25. “cigars are too expensive, to smoke them for any reason other than enjoyment.” – Jonah Goldberg

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