Inside: Drinking Quotes With Images

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – So said Benjamin Franklin. There are so many good things about enjoying drinks with friends that deserve to be celebrated.

True, alcohol abuse has affected all of us in some way, and if you need help, please reach out to someone. Yet, many of us enjoy a few drinks after work or celebrating a special occasion with friends.

To those of us who enjoy a good drink or two with friends, these quotes are for you. These drinking quotes are made to make you smile, remind you of good times with good friends, and encourage more celebratory behavior. Enjoy!

Drinking Quotes to Remind You of Fun Times

1. “You are a great dancer.” – Whiskey

2. “She is definitely not out of your league.” – Beer

3. According to Chemistry, alcohol is a solution.

4. My relationship with whiskey is on the rocks.

drinking quotes

5. I like my whiskey like I like my men – straight and neat.

6. Let me drink about it and get back to you.

I don’t drink to wash away the pain, I drink to celebrate

Here are a few more fun drinking quotes just for you!

7. I don’t drink to wash away my pain, I drink to celebrate my victories.

8. “Clear alcohol is for rich women on diets.” – Ron Swanson

9. “I drink to make people more interesting.” Ernest Hemmingway

10. If you walk a mile in my shoes you will end up at the bar.

11. Let’s drink to nothing in particular.

Quotes about drinking

12. Alcohol is liquid photoshop.

13. Every empty bottle is filled with a great story

14. Exercise makes you look good naked. But so does wine.

15. Hand me the booze and watch me get fabulous.

16. Alcohol – because no good story started with a salad.

17. The best beers are the ones we share with friends.

18. Friends don’t let friends drink Rose alone

19. Tequila is a sneaky bitch.

20. “The problem with the world is that everybody is a few drinks behind.”

21. I didn’t text you. Gin did.

22. I’m confused, what is a wine stopper for?

Celebration Quotes

What rhymes with Friday? Beer!

Here are just a few more of our favorite drinking quotes!

23. You know what rhymes with Friday? Beer!

24. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Except for beer, and wine, and whiskey.

25. Drink what makes you happy with friends who make you laugh.

Cheers to these fun drinking quotes, and if you want a little food to enjoy with the drinks try out one of these yummy grilling recipes!