Inside: Best Princess Bubblegum quotes that are the epitome of PB.

If you love adventure time, then you are in the right place. Everyone has favorite characters, but my one and only will forever be Princess Bubble gum, aka PB. I have loved her since the beginning, and that love will never fade.

Sometimes, I need a reminder of how cool she is so I will look up some of her best quotes. She has so much wisdom to share with us that it blows my mind. She’s smart, funny, and super capable. If you want to see some of her best quotes, keep reading because I have gathered them all into one place.

Princess Bubblegum Quotes that are so PB

Adventure time is such a special show, it has grown right alongside its audience. It’s the kind of entertainment that you can enjoy over and over again, each time you will understand it a little better. So read these quotes and see what meaning comes out for you.

But first, let’s get into what and who princess bubblegum is for those of you that are new to Adventure time.

Who Is Princess Bubblegum?

As I said above, PB is a character on the popular cartoon network show adventure time. She has quite the lore behind her, and when you watch the show, you will find out in-depth, but I will give you a condensed version.

“Princess Bonnibel “Bonnie” Bubblegum (often called PB and occasionally Peebles, Bub-Bubs, or P-Bubs)[ is one of the main characters of the series Adventure Time and first appeared in the animated short. Princess Bubblegum is the current incarnation of the Candy Elemental, comparable to the inhabitants of the Candy Kingdom, who are all composed of types of desserts and candies. She rules over the Candy Kingdom…”

Throughout the series, she battles with her own identity, growing a long the way. Finn, the main character, has a huge crush on her since day one, but she never shared that romantic interest. In the later seasons, she and Marceline, a vampire girl, become girlfriends and it is probably the cutest thing that you will ever see in your entire life.

I think all of the fans were super excited about this coupling, seeing as they are a great opposite match. This show is absolutely full of so many different stories and history. Each character has so many layers you could call them croissants. If you have never seen it, I highly recommend it.

"I blinded myself with science."

Simple & Sweet Bubblegum Quotes

First up, I thought I would start us out strongly. These are some of my personal favorite quotes from our pink, science-loving princess. It just goes to show how much she has to offer, the wide range she has, and the capacity she holds to be both funny and smart.

1. “People get built different. We don’t We don’t need to figure it out. We just need to respect it.”

2. “Responsibility demands sacrifice.”

3. “You Don’t understand science.”

4. “Come on, Cinnamon Bun.”

5. “Who cares what they think.”

6. “Sometimes, you want someone, and you want to kiss them and be with them. But you can’t go because responsibility demands sacrifice.”

7. “Yeah, I am good. Haven’t slept for a solid 83 hours but yes, I’m good.”

8. “All my jokes are cries for help.”

9. “Look where it landed me, all I managed to do was push everyone away.”

10. “Well, you see the explanation is perfectly simple and scientific. It was because shut up. Shut up is why.”

11. “Even longer to see it doesn’t have to be that way.”

12. “I blinded me with science.”

Princess Bubblegum Quotes

Funny Quotes

This girl seriously cracks me up. Sure the whole show is like a fever dream, but there is just something about her comedic timing that just gets to me. See what I mean with these quotes below. I especially love number 16, when she says, ‘Finn, what the cabbage?’ It’s so simple and yet so iconic. I love it!

13. “The answer was so simple I was too smart to see it.”

14. “What you’re feeling is called infatuation. The pain is a product of you overvaluing a projected imaginary relationship with me.”

15. “Get on my swan!”

16. “Finn, what the cabbage?”


18. “You think we’re intellectual equals? It took me seconds to get you off your guard.”

19. “I should not have drunk that much tea.”

20. “That is a paralyzing potion Finn, don’t touch it or you will be paralyzed forever.”

21. “And someday, when you die, I’ll be the one who puts you in the ground.”

22. “Girl, you phrased that so weird.”

"Sometimes, you want someone, and you want to kiss them and be with them. But you can't go because responsibility demands sacrifice."

Princess Quotes That Are So PB

For this final list, I thought I would share with you my personal favorite Princess Bubblegum quotes. These mean a lot to me, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I constantly quote number 23 all the time. It always gets a laugh out of the people around me. Take a look and see which ones you want to add to your quote rotation.

23. “Life didn’t give me lemons, I gave lemons life.”

24. “Magic is just science for people who don’t understand science.”

25 .“I’m connected to all candy throughout all the galaxies. Once you’re candy, you’ll be part of me, too!”

26. “I tried, I really tried. I just, I thought that if I shut everything out and just focused on work it would all be okay.”

27. “And if I get too harsh with you it’s just because you are doing it all wrong.”

28. “Cinnamon bun, you can’t sleep with a night light anymore. You’re basically 30, so it’s starting to bum everyone out.”

29. “I have high standards.”

30. “We got science.”

31. “All magic is science.”

32. “And well, it’s rediculous.”

33. “Nothings never happening to me. Never.”

34. “I never said you had to be perfect.”

35. “You think I’m nice?”

What did I tell you? Princess Bubblegum is the best! Not only is she a princess, but she is also a scientist, smartypants, and a good friend. I think we could all learn a thing or two from Princess Bubblegum.

If you have not seen adventure time and chose this article solely because you were curious, I highly recommend you watch it. It’s one of those shows that you can watch with your kids and thoroughly enjoy right alongside them. Not only is it funny, but you can learn a lot from it too.

I hope you loved these Princess Bubblegum quotes. She is truly one of the best characters.