Inside: Inspiring Vision Board Quotes for Success.

I have always been a HUGE fan of creating a vision board for your life. Whether is for the next year, 5 years, or 10, it’s a great way to set your intentions and goals for you and your life. Finding a quote, word, or motto that motivates, inspires, and creates a clear vision for your desire in life.

They are such a powerful tool for making your dreams a reality. There have been studies done that back this!

They really are something, and they’re so easy to make. It’s crazy to me that more people aren’t making them. So today, I wanted to give you some inspiration.

I have gathered a list of the best vision board quotes that will change your life. These are not only motivational, but they make you think about what it is that you have and what you can offer to yourself and the world around you. One of my favorite ways to create a vision board is by cutting out inspiring pictures, writing out cute motivational quotes, and displaying it to be a daily reminder of your vision and goals.

Here are a few of our favorite inspiring vision board quotes to motivate success and conquering your goals.

Vision Board Quotes

Inspiring Vision Board Quotes for Success

1. I am attracting good things into my life.

2. Be stronger than your excuses.

3. You are what you manifest.

Great Vision Board Quotes

4. it’s okay to put yourself first.

5. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

6. Keep your head up.

7. Do you thing girl.

8. You are a star.

9. Treat people with kindness.

10. Seize the freaking day.

Vision Board Quotes For New Year 2021

11. Your list is as good as your mindset.

12. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

Vision board quotes that will change your life

Whether you are making your own vision board or you are looking for a motivational screen saver, this is the place to be. Each of these quotes will get you thinking, and that is the whole point. Whatever it is that you are going for, you have the power to make it a reality. Let’s do this!

Vision Board Quotes

First up, I have some classic vision board quotes. These quotes are absolutely perfect for your vision board because they will push you to keep going, even when you feel like giving up. Let me tell you, of the times that I started my goals, the only time that I finished them was them I created a vision board. They are awesome.

13. “Hold the vision. Trust the process.”

14. “Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.”

15. “If you want it, work for it.”

16. “I create the life I want to live.”

17. “What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us.” – Julia Cameron

18. “Stop wishing, start doing. Keep going. Trust the process.”

19. “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.” – Richard Branson

20. “Don’t let others tell you what you can’t. Don’t let the limitations of others limit your vision.” – Roy T. Bennett

21. “Strategic planning is worthless unless there is first a strategic vision.”

22. “You only have control over three things in your life- the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take.” – Jack Canfield

23. “Surround yourself with people who are going to take you higher.” – Oprah

Fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of yourself.

You Got This Girl – Motivational Quotes

Creating a clear vision for your goals is so important. Here are a few of our favorite vision board quotes to inspire you to reach all your goals.

24. Celebrate every tiny victory.

25. Never be afraid of change.

26. No one is you and that is your power.

27. Make yourself a priority.

28. Trust the timing of your life.

29. Make it a good day.

30. Prove them wrong babe.

Girl boss Quotes For Vision Boards

31. I give myself permission to be ok with where I am.

32. You’ve got the power.

Vision Board Quotes For Girls

33. Make people feel good about themselves.

34. Psst! you’re doing great!

35. I was born to do something no one’s ever done before.

36. You are in the right place.

Motivational Quotes For The New Year

The best vision board quotes are the ones that pack a punch. A motivational punch. So take a look at this section that is filled with some of the most motivational quotes that you will ever read. I honestly got chills writing these ones down. Get ready new year, because I am coming for you!

37. “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

38. “We are what we think; all that we are arises within our thoughts. With our thought, we make the world.

39. “The key to success is to start before you are ready.”

40. “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” – Jonathan Swift

41. “As soon as you start to feel different about what you already have, you will start to attract more of the good thing.” – Dr. Joy Vitale

42. “When you follow your bliss…doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.” – Joseph Campbell

43. “The universe likes speed. Don’t delay. Don’t second guess, and don’t doubt. When the opportunity is there when the impulse is there. When the intuitive nudge from within is their act. That’s your job.” – Dr. Joe Vitale

44. “Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else.” – Judy Garland

45. “Create a vision board or a list and keep it where you will see it every morning. Dream big, and you will achieve big things.” – Lauren Conrad

46. “Don’t tell me what you value; show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” – Joe Biden

47. “One life, just one. Why aren’t we running around like we are on fire toward our wildest dreams.”

48. “We cannot become what we are.” – Max Depree

49. “Fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of yourself.”

If you want it, work for it

Vision Board Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Now, I wanted to save this list for the ending because they seriously do the job. Whatever it is that you are dreaming of, these quotes will push you to get there. I think the best quotes are the ones that make us emotional. These will definitely get you in your feels. Don’t believe me? Grab some tissues, just in case.

50. “You’ll be amazed at what you attract after you start believing in what you deserve.”

51. “I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.” – Tracie Ellis Ross

52. “Everything will be so good so soon just hang in there & don’t worry about it too much.”

53. “The goal is to grow so strong on the inside that nothing on the outside can affect your inner wellness without your conscious permission.”

54. “Create the life you can’t wait to wake up to.”

55. “Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the same exact same place next year as you are today.”

56. “Trust the process. Know that you are exactly where you are meant to be, even though you may not be where you thought you were.”

57. “Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine when it’s their time.”

58. “Growth is growth, no matter how small.”

59. “When you focus on what works for you and what doesn’t, you step out of that comparison cycle and spiral and into real beautiful life.”

60. “When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you are responding to what’s happening. That’s where the power.”

Vision Board Quotes for Your Best Life

61. Do it for you and not for them.

62. We all started somewhere.

63. If not now then when.

64. Creativity takes courage.

Creativity Quotes For New Year Planning

65. No-Risk, No Magic!

66. What is coming is better than what is gone.

67. Behind every successful woman is herself.

Vision Board Quotes Girl Boss 2021

68. Gut feelings are guardian angels.

69. Eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve.

70. Remember, growing might feel like breaking at first.

vision board quotes

71. Dream it. Believe it. Do it.

72. Little by little, by little, by little

73. Dreams become reality when you take the next step.

I hope you loved this list of the best vision board quotes that will change your life. I am a big believer in the power of words. Your thoughts create the world around you. It is up to you to shift them to something that is in alignment with the life you want to live. That is where a vision board comes in. When you see a certain phrase every day, it starts to become your reality.

So if you are on the fence about vision boards, this is your sign just to go for it. I know how stressful and nerve-wracking it is to identify a dream and decide to go for it. But don’t let your fear of failure stop you from going for what you desire. To quote one of my favorite actors, “You can fail at what you don’t want, so why not try for something that you love.” – Jim Carrey.

It is our job as humans to look at our lives and see the areas that we want to improve and take action to make them a reality. I  am a big fan of self-improvement, so I try and make a vision board every time I decide on a new goal because it helps me see it as a reality. If you love motivational quotes, I have some more for you to look at here!

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