37 When You Know You Know Quotes For Soulmates

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Inside: When You Know You Know Quotes. You know the moment. Two people lock eyes and instantly fall for each other. It’s like the scene from Romeo + Juliet at the crowded costume ball when Romeo spots Juliet across the fish tank, and suddenly everything else fell away, and all they saw was each other. […]

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73 Lovely Leaf Quotes For Fall

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Inside: Ah, fall… these leaf quotes are sure to make you so happy for fall’s approach! I know this makes me basic, but fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Summer’s heat finally eases up, kids go back to school and routine is back. The chilly weather means sweaters and comfy soups. It means […]

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47 September Birthday Quotes to Send

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Inside: 47 September Birthday Quotes to Send. Happy birthday, September babies! September is that beautiful golden month when the heat of summer is finally starting to fade, the leaves on the trees start changing colors, football season is in full swing and life just seems a little sweeter. So having a September birthday is one […]

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