Quotes have a way of transporting us to another mindset. Whether it’s to inspire, educate or just to freakin make us laugh.

Over the years I’ve come to adore the impact a simple quote can make to any situation.

Here are some of our favorite quotes for any reason.




52 Famous Frog Quotes

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Inside: Famous frog quotes that will make your heart hop with joy If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the wisdom of the world’s most famous amphibians, you’re in the right place. This week, we’re diving into the delightful and sometimes profound world of frog quotes, from the ever-charismatic Kermit the Frog to his lesser-known but […]

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63+ Mother Goose Quotes & Nursery Rhymes

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Inside: Sweetest mother goose quotes to read to your children This week, we’re diving into the whimsical world of Mother Goose, a name that evokes the cozy memories of bedtime stories and nursery rhymes. Who can forget the comforting cadence of verses that colored our childhoods? From ‘Humpty Dumpty’ sitting on a wall to the […]

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