Turning 18 Quotes that are Hilarious and Meaningful

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Inside: Hilarious & meaningful turning 18 quotes.  You only turn 18 once. Turning 18 means you can legally buy tobacco and also alcohol in most countries outside the US. It also means you can vote and are officially an adult. This right of passage usually comes with fanfare, and of course, gifts and well-wishes. These […]

Gangster Love Quotes that Hit the Feels

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There is love, and there is that special kind of love. The kind of love that runs deep and creates bonds that don’t make sense to a lot of people. These gangster love quotes are designed to capture that kind of love. If one resonates with you, share it. Spread the love. Gangster Love Quotes […]

Letterboard Quotes for Work – Keep the Motivation!

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John Wooden once said that nothing easily obtained was worth having. Okay, so what are you going to do to make sure the work you do produces the success you want? These Letterboard Quotes for Work are designed to help give you the inspiration you need to achieve all the success you deserve. Whether you […]

Fall Letterboard Quotes to use this Season!

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It’s starting to happen. You are starting to see those leaves turn, and maybe even a few are falling to the ground. Your favorite coffee shop just added the pumpkin drink to the menu and you’re even starting to wear your sweaters outside the house – even if it just is in the morning. All […]

Pumpkin Patch Quotes to Celebrate the Best Season

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Inside: Pumpkin Patch Quotes. It’s Fall – time for sweaters, falling leaves, and of course, EVERYTHING PUMPKIN. Maybe it’s because your favorite coffee flavoring is back, or maybe it’s because Trader Joe’s comes out with a pumpkin version of everything; whatever it is, it’s pumpkin awesome time. These Pumpkin Patch Quotes are designed to get […]

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