Inside: 20th birthday quotes with images.

The 20th Birthday might just be the weirdest birthday you have.

On the one hand, you are just one year away from your 21st birthday, and you are no longer a teenager.

On the other hand, your still one year away from the greatest birthday of your life and in the middle of two great birthdays.

Probably the best thing you can do is have a good time, let your 21-year-old friends buy the drinks, and laugh at yourself. These 20th Birthday Quotes will make you laugh, cry, and bring back all the memories.

20th Birthday Quotes to Make You Laugh

1. Congrats on no longer being eligible for being a teen mom.

2. One more year of using your fake ID.

20th Birthday Quotes

3. No longer a teenager, still not able to legally buy a drink.

4. You’ve now been alive for 2 decades, so many bad fashion pictures.

5. Happy Birthday to the best 20-year old I know.

6. Welcome to the third decade of your life.

7. No longer a teenager, not an excuse to act stupid anymore.

8. The third decade of your life starts today, with no pressure.

9. Happy Birthday you sweet, beautiful soul.

10. One more year! One more year!

20th Birthday

11. Welcome to the 3rd year of being an adult, time to start acting like it.

12. Dang man, 20 looks really good on you.

13. Not a year older, but another chance to level up.

14. Happy Birthday to the best person I know.

15. Happy 7,300th day of being alive.

16. Every day is a gift, but a birthday is an extra special gift.

20th Birthday Quotes – Oprah was broke at 20 – you are right on track

17. Oprah was broke at 20, so you are right on track.

18. Happy 20th Birthday Bitch!

19. You deserve much more than a birthday greeting, and I hope you get it.

Your youth has officially expired

20. Your youth has officially expired. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes

21. I’m glad you were the strongest sperm.

22. Studies show people who have more birthdays tend to live longer.

23. Keep Calm, it’s my 20th Birthday.

24. On this day a Queen was born. Happy 20th!

25. Another 365 days around the sun and you still shine brighter.

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