Inside: Balloon Quotes to Lift Your Spirits

Balloons usually go with a special occasion or fun entertainment! They are the perfect way to spark a smile or bring a load of happy bright emotions.

And sometimes balloons bring us enlightenment and inspiration – Letting go of the past and bad emotions just like letting go of a balloon and holding the things you love tightly!

Check out these 25 balloon quotes that are guaranteed to life you spirits.

Balloon Quotes

Balloon Quotes to Lift Your Spirits

These festive and fun balloon quotes are perfect for lifting your spirits.

1. Some girls want flowers, I want all the balloons!

2. I tied my heart to a balloon and let it float away.

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3. “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” – Winnie-the-Pooh

4. Live life like a 4-year-old with a needle in a room full of balloons.

5. When they go low, we go high!

6. For every problem you try to hide, let them go like balloons in the sky.

7. Shall we float all the way to the stars?

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8. All the hours I’ve spent watching lost balloons disappear into the clouds.

Fly, Fly Away – Sweet Balloon Quotes

Just let it all go and enjoy these fun balloon quotes!

9. Love is like a balloon. It will float away if you don’t hold on.

10. I’m letting go to see if you’ll hold on to me.

11. You are the string to my balloon.

12. Just let it all go.

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13. Dreams and balloons have the same concept!

14.  She dreamt she should fly.

15. We rise by lifting others.

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16. You don’t need wings to fly. Dreams are all you need.

Balloon Quotes that will Make You Smile

Needing a little smile? Check out these sweet balloon quotes…

17. Nowhere to go but up!

18. Happiness is… Balloons.

19. Sometimes I get carried away…

Float away quotes

20. Adventure is out there!

21. Oh the places you’ll go.

22. I’m letting go so I can be free.

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23. Shall we float all the way to the stars?

24. I feel deflated.

25. Together we will touch the sky.

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