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37 Sparkling July Birthday Quotes

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Inside: These July birthday quotes will get the sparkling summer parties started! The month of July represents beautiful colors as this second month of the summer season brings new flowers, fruits, and joy. It is also considered one of the luckiest months in many countries as they enjoy their independence day in July. It is […]

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53 Cute Watermelon Quotes and Jokes

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Inside: Cute Watermelon Quotes & Jokes. There is nothing sweeter than crunching down on some sweet and juicy watermelon on a hot summer day. One of my favorite things about summer is keeping our fridge stocked full of fresh watermelon to snack on during the day. Watermelon just makes the summer days sweeter. Snap the […]

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Funny Margarita Quotes + Salty Sayings

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Inside: Funny Margarita Quotes + Salty Sayings. Over 21? Need an excuse to hit the bars mid-week? These margarita quotes for National Margarita Day will give you one. Wednesday, Feb. 22 marks National Margarita Day, and considering that it falls on a hump day, I think it’s fair to say that it’s most welcome. After all, sometimes […]

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Shaken for 2023 Hilarious Milkshake Quotes

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Inside: Flavor Packed Milkshake Quotes + Captions. It’s just like they always say… “Shake what your momma gave ya” in this case, we’re talking milk ‘shakes.’ What is better than a nice, creamy, cold milkshake? I personally love classic vanilla. I know, I know, before you attack my basic-ness, it’s always been my favorite. Trust […]

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