Inside: 2023 Chinese New Year Quotes.

In the Chinese new year, it is time for family reunions, new beginnings, renewed romance, and new potential for a happy year to come. And, you should wish your friend, colleague, staff, clients, or business partners on this widely celebrated holiday of a lunar new year.

Maybe you are wondering about what to write on a Chinese new year card? The fact is, you don’t need to know Mandarin to greet anyone a happy Chinese new year, some best Chinese new year greetings in English will do fine. We have put together some happy Chinese new year wishes, messages, greetings, and quotes to wish your dear one’s joy and prosperity in the new year.

If you just want to say Happy New Year in Chinese then you can say 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè).

2023 Chinese New Year Quotes

1. May you get endless good wishes this New Year. Please accept my wishes as a remembrance of our long-lasting friendship.

2. May joy and happiness stay around you always and good luck, good health, and good cheer be with you forever. Happy New Year.

3. With each passing moment let us embrace the New Year with more positive hopes, more colorful joys, and a more amazing future. Happy New Year!

4. Leave behind the bad memories of the unpleasant past and rejoice in the festivities of today. Happy New Year!

5. Move on in life with a free spirit and a good attitude. Embrace optimism this year. Wish you a very Happy New Year!

6. May the joy of festivity stay with you year-round.

Chinese New Year Quotes For Festivals

7.  Celebrate and rejoice for we have made it to another year.

8. May your heart be filled with happiness, love and contentment as you celebrate the new beginning. Gong Xi Fa cai!

9. The New Year is here. So, look ahead with optimism and strive for the best in the New Year.

10. Welcome, Pig! Happy New Year!

11. Cheers! It is time for a reunion.

12. A New Year is about to start. May it bring a lot of opportunities for you.

13. Wishing you good health and abundance in the New Year.

Wishes for Chinese new year images

14. Wishing you and your family a happy Chinese New Year. May the New Year bring you lots of happiness and prosperity.

15. Happy Pig New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year Quotes

16. Sweep away the ill-fortune and raise a toast to the year of the Pig.

17. May you have immense wealth, happiness and success in the Year of the Pig.

18. Pig is back after 11 years. Happy New Year!

19. Let us Welcome The New Year, Give The Happy Adieu to the old, Start The New Beginning Without Fear, And Cherish The Memories We Hold!

20. Welcome to the brand New Year. May this year bring you lots of happiness and witness you becoming a much better person.

Good wishes For Chinese New Year

21. This New Year May Good Luck And Prosperity follow you wherever you go, And may Lady-Luck scare Away any misfortune That was planning to come your way.

22. May wealth always come your way. May it be auspicious and as you wish. A Charm to Bring Satisfaction and Happiness Year by Year.

23. Sending you lots of good wishes for the year ahead. But do remember to appreciate some wonderful moments that you celebrated in the year gone by.

24. God bless you with supreme courage And strength to Turn the stones, As thrown in your life’s path, into milestones of prosperity and success

25. This New Year, make a resolution to eradicate selfish and depressing thoughts from your mind. Just think about the future with optimism. Have a great New Year.

26. On this Chinese New Year,
may a small investment bring in ten-thousand fold profits!
Wishing you a prosperous and abundant Chinese New Year!

27. May God always bless you, your elders always guide you and your peers always provide you company in whatever you do.

28. May all your wishes be fulfilled and your happiness be without limit!

Happiness quotes For New Year China

Wishing You a Happy Chinese New Year

Here are a few more of our favorite Chinese New Year Quotes!

29. Happy Chinese New Year!
I hope for you this New Year your happiness
and longevity be complete!

30. The New Year is here and I am sure it will bring fresh challenges. But may God give you the strength to overcome them all and further climb the ladder of success

31. Congratulations and be prosperous
On this most happiest of Chinese New Year!
Now give me a red envelope!

32. I wish you all the love for coming to New Year. Wishing you a Happy and prosperous New Year.

33. Many blessings for you and your family in the year to come.

Funny Chinese New Year Quotes

34. More blessings and wishes to come to this New Year. Happy Chinese New Year.

35. May this New Year brings immense Joy and Happiness. Wishing you a very Happy Chinese New Year.

36. Let’s welcome Chinese New Year year which is fresh and new, and celebrate this blissful New Year of sheep.

37. May almighty give you health, wealth, peace, and Happiness. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Chinese New Year.

38. May you have new aspirations and hopes for the coming year. Have a happy New Year of Pig.

39. Warm New Year wishes have a fun-filled. smashing, rocking Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Celebration Quotes

40. Wish you a successful and glorious Chinese New Year.

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