Inside: 33 Super Cute Wallpaper Quotes

We are all guilting of checking our phones way too much during a day. Honestly, I don’t even want to know how many times I mindlessly check my phone for the time, notifications, or just out of habit.

I thought I would use that as a simple way to keep me motivated or inspired, so I put the perfect list of cute wallpaper quotes together to decorate my phone screen!

Super Cute Wallpaper Quotes

I love putting a fun, festive or inspiring wallpaper on my phone background. It’s like a little reminder for me to stay positive and remember what is so important in my life!

Super-Cute Wallpaper Quotes

These super cute wallpaper quotes are the best background for your phone, Ipad, or computer! I love changing my wallpaper on my phone depending on that moment in my life. It is just a great way to keep you motivated and inspired by all the things that you love!

1. Good thing take time

2.  I need money, not feelings

3. I see it. Like it. Want it. Got it.

4. You’re so golden.

Phone Wallpapers


5. You look good.

6. It will be okay!

7. No rain, no flowers.

8. Life is tough but so are you.

9. Could you like shut up?

10. Shake it off!


Perfect Wallpaper Quotes

This is the perfect list of cute wallpaper quotes to decorate you phone with! I love funny quotes that give me a good giggle every once in a while. So these are my favorite!

11. Time flies when you’re freaking stressed out and dying

12. Focus on the good stuff

13. Cute but psycho, but cute!

Cute Images

14. Fun, fresh, and funky

15. Just have fun!

16. Not today, satan

17. Hold on to your vision.

18. Weird flex but ok

19. Tomorrow isn’t promised but when you live for Jesus, eternity is.

20.  Every day no matter what I face, I can smile and love others.

Wallpaper Images

21. VIbin n’ Thrivin

The Prettiest Wallpaper Graphics

These pretty cute wallpaper quotes to keep you inspired in the most beautiful way!

22. Success is a series of small things.

23. Great things never come from comfort zones.

24. It really be like that sometimes.

25. Work hard and be proud.

26. Positive energy

Positive Quotes

27. Stay wild child

28. You can’t stop awesome.

29. Do literally whatever makes you happy

Cute Wallpaper Quote Ideas

30. I love you. That’s what’s up!

31. Nothing will work unless you do.

32. You are enough.

33. Be proud of who you are!

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I hope you find the perfect cute wallpaper quotes to inspired and bring you joy every day. Let us know in the comments your favorite!