Inside: 25 Manly Birthday Quotes for Guys

Do you have a special man in your life, one that deserves the happiest of birthday wishes? From your dad, brother, grandpa, or best friend we have 25 manly birthday quotes for guys that are perfect for wishing him Happy Birthday! Send these awesome quotes to that special man in your life and let him know just how grateful you are for him!

Manly Birthday Quotes for Guys

Here are a few of our favorite birthday quotes for guys!

1. Best birthday wishes to one of the best guys I know!

birthday quotes for guys

2. Another year of being an all-around awesome guy. Happy Birthday!

3. Happy Birthday, you party animal you.

birthday quotes for guys

4. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guys! I hope your day is as awesome as you are. And yes, I know that sappy stuff makes you cringe. But we don’t always get what we want for our birthday, do we?

5. Hey Birthday Boy! I hope you’re enjoying your “distinguished-looking” years because you move right to “old fart” after this.

6. Happy Birthday, Silver Fox!

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7. Happy Birthday! You know you don’t look that old. But then, you don’t look that young, either.

8. Happy Birthday to a great guy! You do so much for others. I hope you can take some time for yourself on your big day. You deserve it as much as anyone, and more than most.

Happy Birthday Quotes for a Guy

Show that special man in your life with these manly happy birthday quotes for guys!

9. I hope you have a man-tastic birthday!

birthday quotes for guys

10. Happy Birthday to a wonderful man! As you celebrate another year, I hope you look back on your life with a sense of pride. I know your friends and family are proud of you – and rightly so.

11. I was going to get you something special for your birthday, but then I remembered that you pride yourself on self-reliance. So get it yourself.

12. Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother!

birthday quotes for guys


13. Happy Birthday to a real swell guy! I’m sending you this ironic birthday wish because I know you’re way too cool for ordinary human sentiments.

14. Happy Birthday to a friendly man and a manly friend!

birthday quotes for guys

15. How have you survived this long? Keith Richards has nothing on you. Happy Birthday!

16. Best wishes on your birthday! May you have maximum fun today, and minimum hangover tomorrow!

guy quotes

17. My friend, I want you to spend this day like you are the king of the universe because it is a very special day for you and I am happy to be a part of your life at this time. Happy birthday!

18. Hey! I know that you will definitely make this day the most enjoyable day of your life because it means a lot to you. I am always here for you, my friend. Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Quotes and Images

Here are a few more of our favorite birthday quotes for guys!

Here are a few more birthday quotes for guys that you might love!

19. I don’t have many male friends but of the few ones that I have, you are the best of them all. I wish you the best birthday ever! May you continue to prosper in life.

20. I have two messages for you on your birthday: 1) Have a great time, 2) Don’t call me for bail money.

guy quotes

21. I am blessed to have a buddy like you. Happy birthday, dear friend. May your special day be loaded with happiness and love.

22. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Images

23. There are some special and rare things in life that get better with age. And you, my friend, are one of such special things. Have a wonderful birthday.

24. Cheers to you dude! 

Cheers quotes

25. Wishing my awesome friend a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead full of blessings and remarkable accomplishments.

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