85 Powerful Dolphin Quotes And Captions

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Inside: Powerful Dolphin Quotes & Captions to Make You Smile. It’s hard not to love dolphins. Their wide mouths make it look like they’re grinning, and their smiles are so infectious. They’re also graceful and flip around in the air like acrobats. It’s so exciting to see them when you’re at the beach, and it […]

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77 Powerful Leopard Quotes & Print Phrases

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Inside: Leopard quotes and print phrases that are powerful enough to roar about.  Throughout history, leopards have served as inspiration for artists, poets, writers and storytellers. They are solitary animals, secretive and hard to spot. They are extremely strong, fast and intelligent. They are often used as sports teams’ mascots, especially football and soccer teams. […]

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63 Unique Orchid Quotes To Help You Bloom

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Inside: Orchid Quotes to Make You Fall in Love with the Unique Flower Orchids come in a rainbow of hues and color combinations. They are a proud, upright flower that takes a little extra care to bloom beautifully. People have loved orchids for centuries, even back to Greek mythology. In the 4th century BCE, a […]

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73 Libra Quotes That Bring Balance

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Inside: Know a Libra or you are one? These Libra quotes that bring balance are for you! The Libra sign is the seventh sign of the twelve zodiac signs. Libra is an air sign, and rules from September 23-October 22. The constellation that represents Libra looks like a pair of scales, and represents Libra’s love […]

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53 Brother from Another Mother Quotes

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Inside: Brother from Another Mother Quotes Are you looking for the perfect way to express your love and appreciation for a friend who is as close as a brother to you? Maybe you two are lifelong friends, or maybe you had an instant connection. True friendship adds joy to life and makes your troubles easier […]

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37 When You Know You Know Quotes For Soulmates

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Inside: When You Know You Know Quotes. You know the moment. Two people lock eyes and instantly fall for each other. It’s like the scene from Romeo + Juliet at the crowded costume ball when Romeo spots Juliet across the fish tank, and suddenly everything else fell away, and all they saw was each other. […]

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