TOP Couple Travel Quotes To Inspire Adventure

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Inside: Inspirational couple travel quotes that will leave you and your significant other booking those plane tickets. Travel is something that I have always been very passionate about. Ever since I was a little girl watching movies and documentaries about the many different places that this world has to offer, I just knew that I […]

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35 Princess Bubblegum Quotes That Are So PB

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Inside: Best Princess Bubblegum quotes that are the epitome of PB. If you love adventure time, then you are in the right place. Everyone has favorite characters, but my one and only will forever be Princess Bubble gum, aka PB. I have loved her since the beginning, and that love will never fade. Sometimes, I […]

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37 Cute & Fun Panda Quotes

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Inside: Fun panda quotes you’ll enjoy. How cute are these little guys?! Pandas are some of the sweetest animals, quite literally just big teddy bears. If you’re at the zoo, a habitat, or a sanctuary, getting to see them interact with each other is quite entertaining. Pandas are beloved by many for their cute and […]

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91 Painfully Accurate Misery Loves Company Quotes

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Inside: Misery loves company quotes that will make you appreciate your optimism. I think everyone has heard the quote, ‘misery loves company.’ It’s famous because it speaks heavily to a certain truth; pessimists tend to run together. When someone is miserable, they don’t like it when the people around them are happy, so they end […]

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