Inside: Happy 8th Birthday Quotes + Poems.

I felt like the day my babies turned eight was a beginning of a whole new period in their little life. They weren’t my little babies anymore, their personality started changing, they began to have all these friends and ideas and just growing up so fast. They want to be grown-up, helpful, and they are very concerned about what people think of them. This is why I feel like it is so important to send them positive and uplifting words for their birthday, and every day.

I love sending a sweet, silly, or fun message to anyone on their birthday, but these totally cute 8th birthday quotes are perfect for the birthday kid that just keeps growing and maturing. Here are a few of our favorites for those special 8-year-olds.

Happy 8th Birthday Quotes

Happy 8th Birthday Quotes

1. Wow, you’re EIGHT! That means you’re Extraordinary, Impressive, Great, Hip, and Terrific. Happy 8th birthday!

2. May your 8th birthday be the best you’ve ever had…full of friends, surprises, hugs, gifts, cake, ice cream and love! 

3. Eight years ago, you entered our world miraculously. Today, you turned 8 years old and are a greater miracle than ever! Happy 8th birthday!

4. May your 8th birthday be the best you’ve ever had, filled with fun games, delicious food, great music, and wonderful surprises. I wish that all your wishes will also come true today! Happy 8th birthday!

5. Call your friends, let’s get this party started! An amazing 8-year-old is in town.

6. Breaking news! The greatest kid ever is 8 years today. The whole world is celebrating you.

Happy 8th Birthday Wishes

7. Great things happen, but there is no greater thing than seeing you turn 8 on this special day. With lots of love, I say Happy Birthday.

8. What more can I wish you on this special day but a bright future with a lot of opportunities. Happy Birthday, 8-year-old!

8th Birthday Wishes for Girls

These Happy 8th Birthday Girl Quotes are the sweetest messages to send to your best little gal. Say, Happy 8th Birthday granddaughter, daughter, sister, or friend we these fun wishes. 

9. Goodbye to being 7 years old. Good tidings on being 8 years old. Good morning my little queen, have a blast.

10. For 8 years, I’ve been waking up to see your shiny face but it has never been as radiant as this. 8 looks good on you, cutie.

11. One day, you’re 7, the next you’re 8. How magical is that? Well, that’s what my granddaughter is and that’s how she has always been, MAGICAL. Cheers to your new age dear.

12. Not long ago, you were fed with a spoon. Today you stand tall like a rose flower, A fabulous 8th birthday to you my little granddaughter!

Birthday Sayings for Girls

13. Can’t believe you’re just 8 because there have been lots of great moments with you. Well, that’s my luck, I get to spend many more with my precious granddaughter. Cheers, dear.

14. My baby girl is like an angel, glorious more than a queen, Lovelier than a flower, and pretty like a mermaid. I hope you will enjoy your childhood so much. Happy 8th Birthday.

Happy Birthday 8-Year-Old Boy Sayings

These birthday wishes for 8-year-old boy, grandson, or brother are the perfect say to spread a little birthday cheer. 

15. Eight years ago, you came into this world and made everything more beautiful and magical. Even if it cost us sleepless nights and a messy household, you are so completely worth it. Happy 8th birthday, you little rascal. I love you to death!

16. Soon enough you will be a teenager and I don’t know what to do with you, so try to be cool, man. Happy 8th Birthday sweetie!

17. 8 already? See how you’ve grown. Expecting to see your beard soon. Cheers, man!

Boy Birthday Messages

18. You are growing to be a strong and amazing young man, and I hope I get to see you grow old. I love you and would like nothing more than to see that never-ending smile on your 8-year-old face.

19. Like the Angels sing in heaven, so shall 8 birds sing a familiar tune for a precious boy who just turned 8 on Earth, so we say Happy Birthday to the sweetest little boy.

20. Hurray son, let’s go have some fun. Let’s go out in the sun, and have a celebration that can’t be outdone.

21. You’re 8!! You’ve made it to the big boy’s leagues. Congratulations!

8 Year Old Birthday Poem

Share these fun 8th birthday quotes with your favorite birthday boy or girl. 

22. Doesn’t it feel great to be eight?
Your birthday is here and there’s no more wait.

You get to be a prince/princess for an entire day,
So rule with good cheer and have a happy birthday!

23. Eight! That’s great!
It’s great to be eight.
Though seven was lovely,
And nine will be grand,
Eight’s just the right number,
So strike up the band!

24. It’s your day to celebrate!
It’s your day to cheer!
Now you can eat more birthday cake Than you could hold last year!
Now you can laugh louder And enjoy it even more
‘Cause this is a bigger birthday Than you’ve ever had before!
Happy Birthday!

25. Happy Birthday!
Today’s the day
We get to say
We’re happy you were born-

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8th Birthday Quotes