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Does anyone else get super antsy when their birthday is coming? When my birthday is about 3 days away, I start to get VERY excited. Especially when I have a birthday celebration or have planned a birthday trip. Now, when I was younger I was relentless, I would like to say I have chilled out a bit as I have gotten older. 

If you’re anything like me, then you will love these birthday countdown quotes that express just how happy you are to celebrate your big day!

Birthday Countdown Sayings

Birthday Countdown Quotes

1. The clock is ticking and the days are rolling!. In two days, I’ll be a year older!

2. Celebrate with me, I’m hitting the big twenty in a few hours’ time!

3. Tick-tock sounds the clock, the time is ticking but I’ll be calm to count my blessings! I’ll be a year older in three days!

4. Super excitement can’t define how I feel cause my birthday is here!

5. Let the countdown begin, my birthday is in fifteen days!

Countdown Till My Birthday Quotes

6. The days seem faster and the hour keeps rolling, I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I feel that because it’s my birthday tomorrow!

7. In two days, I’ll be a year older, thanks to all who I’m graced to meet this past 365 days!

8. Days truly are just numbers, 365 have been reduced to 5 days, happy birthday to me in advance!

9. My heart races for joy as the days go by because I’ll be a year older in twelve days

10. Happy birthday to me in advance, I’m hitting the ‘American adult age’ in seven days!

Funny Countdown Quotes for Birthday

11. Age, they say is just a number, but I think mine is different, to me it’s a reflection and the reflection lies in my birthday, which is in two days!

12. It’s a new season and of course a new time, its the dawn of a new year, happy birthday to me in a few hours!

13. The sky looks so bright and the day so lovely, Guess why? Because my birthday is in a few days!

14. Some things to take on and some to shed, the big age number is here and I’m happy for growth! Happy birthday to me in advance!
It’s in ten days!

15. Positivity lies in the heart! My heart is positive and I stay positive in the new year that kicks off in two days!. Happy belated to me in advance!

16. I’m proud of the man I’m becoming, getting stronger and better by the day and I’m sure this new year is not an exception, celebrate with me, I’ll be a year older in twenty days!

17. I’m grateful for the last 365 days but I’m super grateful for what lies ahead in this new year, my day is in a few hours!

18. Hurray!!!.. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m more than excited, I’m happy for the circle I’ve chosen and for the impacts I’m privileged to make!

Upcoming Birthday Sayings

19. See who’s getting a year older tomorrow!. It’s me and I’m elated!

20. Just like yesterday when the cry of a tiny creature was heard in my home, growth and development have taken place and I’m glad about that, I won’t be ungrateful for relationships that got me better, happy birthday to me!

Best Friend Birthday Countdown Quotes

21. From the cradle, I’ve learned to be grateful for life and now I’ve learned to number my days because it shows gratitude. Tomorrow is my day and I’m grateful for that!

22. To all who made last year exciting and eventful, I’m grateful and I’m looking forward to a more excellent one with you as it starts tomorrow!

23. I wish for the most beautiful things of life, happiness incomparable, and joy overflow as I am a year older tomorrow, happy birthday to me!

24. Birthday wishes rolling in, so much love felt and I’m persuaded of a life filled with so much joy with love beings around me!. Happy belated birthday to me in advance!

25. A day of celebration isn’t enough to express how I feel on my birthday, so I’m wishing myself a happy birthday in advance!

26. The days are filled with joy and the heart with so much love because my birthday is in five days, happy birthday to me!

27. My big day is here and I’m so excited about it, happy birthday to me in just a few minutes!

28. I know it’s not too early to start a countdown, my birthday is in twenty days and it’s gonna be a bang!. Happy birthday to me in advance!

29. Happy days are here, my big day is in five days, come on, be happy with me!

30. As the days roll by, I feel more happiness because someone is going to be a year older, and that’s me! Happy birthday to me in three days!

Countdown Till My Birthday Quotes

31. I’m special and I know that!, so a day isn’t enough to treat my specialty and that’s why I’m taking this week to wish myself a happy birthday in advance!

32. My birthday is coming and I’m so going to blow all the candles on my cake, wishing myself a happy birthday in two days!

Funny Birthday Sayings

33. Wishing myself a happy birthday in advance isn’t a rough idea, it keeps my mind blown up and tells me how peculiar I am to myself, so happy birthday in advance gorgeous!

34. Happy birthday to me in three days as the days are filled with joy and the heart, the warmth of hope!

35. Days seem faster as minutes roll in hours, my heart races with a hope of a better tomorrow, happy birthday to me in three days!

36. Within the twinkling of an eye, I’ll be a year older, I can’t but be grateful for the gift of men around me, happy birthday to me in few minutes!

37. The day is bright, bright with hope and love as my birthday is tomorrow, happy birthday to me!

38. Happiness is what I feel and that’s because I chose it! It’s my birthday in five days and it’s going to be a bang!

39. You wanna have a blast? It’s going to be on my birthday cause it’s going to be a big day! Happy birthday to me tomorrow?

40. It’s another day of joy and happiness for me coz my birthday is in two days and I’m going to have a blast!

Birthday Countdown Sayings

41. The last 365 days were a memorable one with lovelies around me, we can still do that next year, happy birthday to me in advance!

42. I’m grateful for life and the beautiful people around me with beautiful hearts, you all made last year beautiful for me, the journey of a new year is about to start and I’m so grateful for that, happy birthday to me in two days!

43. Happy birthday to me in four days!
The feeling is so good and the heart warm with pleasant wishes, with this, I’m assured of a beautiful year ahead!

44. I look back to the last 365 days and I’m grateful for the new phase I’m entering tomorrow, Happy birthday to me!

45. I’m about to experience a constant thing- change coz that’s what a new age brings. Happy birthday to me in advance!

46. I’m shedding off my pressures and pressing on to higher ground with so much wisdom for life and love, it’s my birthday tomorrow, celebrate with me!

47. There are many years to spend on earth and one of them is starting in six days, I’m grateful for life and love!

48. – 73. Counting down the days quotes you can share 

74. Birthdays are for love and reflection and that’s what I’ll be doing for the next three days as I step into another phase of life!

75. – 100. Counting down till the cake is cut for birthday quotes

101. In much simpler and plain terms, I just want to wish myself a happy belated birthday in fifteen days!

102. – 139. Countdown birthday blessings and quotes for your loved ones.

140. I just want to take out this time to wish a special person a happy birthday in advance and that special is me!

141. As the days keep passing by, the memories of the last year linger with so much love in my heart and I wish I can turn back the hands of time, but I’m persuaded of better memories this next year, happy birthday to me in advance!

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Birthday Countdown Quotes