Inside: 25 Birthday Friendship Quotes for Your BFF.

You wake up one day and realize that this day is more special than other days … it’s your bestie’s birthday!

Obviously, you have to blow up her Facebook and Instagram with the best birthday friendship quotes and funny birthday wishes to make her smile and feel special from the moment she wakes up.

Birthday Friendship Quotes

Your best friend is one of the most special people in your life. She has been there with you for so many memories both good and bad. You have had wild times getting into some fun trouble and being partners in crime. You have had amazing experiences, maybe traveling or going through life stages together. And you have been supportive through all of the hard times that both of you have come by. Celebrate her with these fun birthday friendship quotes!

Birthday Friendship Quotes for Your BFF

1. May you live to be so old that the mere sight of you horrifies young children and ex-lovers.

2. I will sing Happy Birthday to you so much you’ll wish you’d never been born … Happy Birthday!

3. Late in the evening, far, far away there is a glow beyond the horizon, and I know deep in my heart … It’s your birthday cake.

4. Knowing someone as fabulous as me should be the only present you need.

5. Happy Birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder.

Birthday Quotes

6. I hope your birthday is as awesome as your hair in high school.

7. Happy Birthday to someone I hope is my friend even when we’re too senile to remember each other’s birthdays.

8. Happy Birthday to a person that is charming, talented, and witty and reminds me a lot of myself.

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Happy Birthday Best Friend, Let’s Celebrate You!

Celebrate your BFF with these birthday friendship quotes!

9. You were born on this date so we are going to put fire sticks in baked goods and sing at you while you sit there awkwardly.

10. Happy Birthday. Thank you for always being older than me.

Happy Birthday Friend Quotes

11. May your Facebook wall be filled with birthday wishes from people you’ve never met, haven’t seen in years, or genuinely couldn’t care any less about.

12. It is your birthday! Remember that researchers have said that Birthdays are good for your health and people who have more birthdays live longer. May you get more birthdays.

13. I would wish for all of your dreams to come true, but then it would be tough for me to find out a wish for you next year, so let me just say Happy Birthday!

14. Today would have been the perfect occasion to write sweet words about the greatest, most spectacular, uniquely exquisite friend in the world, but I already finished my autobiography a month ago.

15. Here’s to another year of laughing until it hurts, dealing with stupid people and keeping each other moderately sane. Happy Birthday best friend!

Birthday Friendship Quotes

16. Happy Birthday to one of my best friends! Here’s to laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane! Love ya.

17. Happy Birthday to my best friend. Without our conversations, my therapy bills would be outrageous.

18. I can’t keep calm, it’s my best friend’s birthday.

Funny Birthday Friendship Quotes

19. You don’t have birthdays — you level up! Happy level up day to my best friend.

20. Happy birthday to my best friend. Here’s to another year of spilling tea and making fun of other people’s Facebook posts.

21. Happy birthday to my best friend ever! May your troubles be as few and far between as my grandmother’s teeth.

22. You are my best friend, my human diary, and my other half. You mean the world to me and I love you.

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23. Happy birthday to a person who regularly makes me pee myself with laughter. By the way, that’s going to happen more and more the older we get.

24. Happy birthday, best friend! It is amazing the number of years we have known each other. Why have we put up with each other for so long? Do you think it’s because we like each other? Nope, it’s quite simple, we just know too many of each other’s secrets.

25. May you grow old and rich, so that you can leave me a big inheritance.

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