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25 Birthday Friendship Quotes for Your BFF

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Inside: 25 Birthday Friendship Quotes for Your BFF. You wake up one day and realize that this day is more special than other days … it’s your bestie’s birthday! Obviously, you have to blow up her Facebook and Instagram with the best birthday friendship quotes and funny birthday wishes to make her smile and feel […]

Short Friendship Quotes for Great Friends

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There is nothing more special than a good friend. Someone that gets you, and allows you to get them. All the crazy fun times we had in life were only special because of the people who were there. Having good friends is proven by science to be a great thing. These short friendship quotes capture […]

Funny Best Friend Quotes to Share with Your Bestie

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There is nothing better than the funny moments you share with a best friend. Those ones that are brought up to each other just by a simple facial expression. Then you start laughing hysterically, and everyone looks at you like you are the biggest weirdos. There is something so special and intimate about having someone […]

Best Friend Quotes for Instagram

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Inside: 25 wonderful best friend quotes for Instagram.  Time spent with friends, especially best friends, is the best. Now that we are always capturing these times and posting it on Instagram and Snapchat, we need to find the right words to help immortalize these life changing moments. Luckily for us, people have been giving us […]

27 Flower Love Quotes

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Inside: 27 Flower love quotes Tis’ the season of flowers! From Easter, to Mother’s Day, to thanking teachers for their end of year amazingness. We have so many reasons to be handing out flowers to those people we truly love and appreciate this time of year. Let’s be sure to include a few sweet words […]

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