Inside: 30th Birthday Quotes With Video To Make This One Special

There is something monumental about turning 30, so much so that apparently many women never actually turn 30. Whether you are terrified of turning 30, or welcoming it with open arms, it’s still a great day to celebrate the wonderful life that you have.


These 30th Birthday Quotes are curated to help make you, or someone you love feels special. Like any special day, it’s important that we celebrate it with the appropriate amount of humor and sarcasm.

30th Birthday Quotes

Nothing makes someone feel more special than passive-aggressively wishing them happiness while poking fun at their age. So celebrate someone special with one of these 30th Birthday Quotes.

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30th Birthday Quotes – Make This One Special

30, the age you should know better, but probably don’t.

Now, your halfway between diapers and depends.

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You may be aging, but you’ll never expire.

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Happy first anniversary of your 29th birthday.

You’re not 30, you’re 18 with 12 years of experience.


30th Birthday Quotes

You’ve been bringing awesome since 1989.

When they say 30 is the new 20, they don’t mention the debt of your 20s…

OMG, You’re 30!

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The first 30 years of childhood are always the hardest.

You’ve spent 30 years getting ready for the rest of your life. You got this.

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Now that you are 30, bedtime is 9:30. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Talk 30 to me!

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It could be worse, you could be turning 31…

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Oprah was broke at 20, so you are right on track.

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30th Birthday Quotes – Dang girl, you look 30 AF today!

Dang girl, you look 30 AF today!

30th birthday Quotes

I will help you fight anyone that uses the words “three-oh” to you today.

Happy 30th Birthday Bitch!

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Don’t think of it as turning 30, think of it as being old.

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Jesus didn’t accomplish anything before he was 30 either

Remember, Jesus didn’t accomplish anything before he was 30 either.

Don’t be sad the 20s are gone, be happy they happened.

30 today and ready to party! 

30th Birthday Quotes

Now that you’re 30 it’s time to start getting serious about responsibilities and stuff.

Happy 30th Birthday, only 35 more years of working and you can retire.

30 years ago you fell out of a vagina. Think of how old the vagina feels.

Wow, you make 30 look good!

Happy 30th Birthday Quotes

Happy Birthday. May you still get carded for years to come.

My motto this year: talk 30 to me!

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Straight outta my twenties!

30th Birthday Quotes

You’re my favorite birthday bitch!

The world has been better for the last 30 years since you’ve been around.

Light that shit up! 

30th Birthday Quotes Funny

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