Inside: Birthday Quotes for Dad

It’s your dad’s birthday! You know all he wants to do is play a round of golf and take a nap, but you also want to make sure that he knows how special he is to you. Sometimes it can be in the form of a joke, or with something sentimental. That’s why we put together these Birthday Quotes for Dad. We hope these inspire you to think of something grand, or afford you the words that you aren’t great with in the first place. Feel free to grab a quote to send to him, write in a card, or just tell him in person. It’s his birthday, make sure he feels special.

Birthday Quotes for Dad

1. Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world!

2. We couldn’t have asked for a better dad. We would have, we just couldn’t.

3. You may not be the best golfer, but you are the best dad.

birthday quotes for dads

4. Every kid has a hero. We call ours “Dad”

5. Being our dad is the only birthday gift you need.

6. Age is just a number. In your case, a very high one.

7. May you get all the naps and quiet you want on your birthday.

8. Like the whiskey you don’t let me drink, you get better with age.

Another year has passed and you are still our favorite

Show Dad just how much you love him with these sweet Happy Birthday Dad quotes!

9. Another year has passed and you remain our favorite.

10. Just think, if you didn’t have birthdays how would you get new socks?

Dads Birthday Quotes


11. Feels like just last year we were celebrating your birthday.

12. Happy Birthday, Dad! We totally remember how old you are, we just don’t want to embarrass you.

Happy Birthday to the World’s Greatest Farter – I mean Father

Happy Birthday Dad quotes that show just how much you care!

13. Happy Birthday to the World’s Greatest Farter – I mean Father!

14. Thanks for living a life that makes us want to celebrate you!

15. In a few years, you have a lot of senior discounts coming.

16. No matter how old you get I will always be your little girl.

17. Dad, you mean the world to us. Happy Birthday.

18. Your golf game may suffer as you get older, but at least you can still play.

19. Happy Birthday to the World’s Okayest Dad!

May your birthday be filled with cigars and bourbon

20. May your birthday be filled with cigars and bourbon.

21. As a present, I promise to laugh at your dad jokes today.

Quotes for Dads

Birthday Quotes for Dad

22. Not sure how old you are, but after 50 does it really matter? Happy Birthday!

23. Happy Birthday, Dad! You don’t look a day over 115.

24. Life doesn’t come with a tool kit, it comes with a dad. Happy Birthday!

25. I love you more than you love blaming your farts on the dog.

Show Dad just how much you love him with these awesome Happy Birthday Dad quotes!