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87 Crazy + Sweet Boy Mom Quotes

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Inside: 87 Crazy + Sweet Boy Mom Quotes If you’re reading this, I am guessing that you are a boy mom too and understand exactly what I am talking about. I learned quickly that life with boys was a completely different animal…literally!  No matter how many times they scare us half-to-death it seems they turn […]

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39 Selfish Parents Quotes + Sayings to Help Cope

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Inside: Selfish Parents Quotes + Sayings to Help Cope Do you have to deal with narcissistic or selfish parents? We’ve compiled a compilation of heartfelt selfish parents’ quotes, sayings, and proverbs that can help you raise your children properly. It might be difficult to deal with toxic parents. A mother’s and father’s emotional availability to […]

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37 Breastfeeding Quotes {Funny + Encouraging}

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Inside: 37 Breastfeeding Quotes {Funny + Encouraging}. Providing life-sustaining nutrition for a whole other person (albeit a tiny one) can be downright exhausting. Sometimes you need a laugh, to let the tears flow, or feel some good, old-fashioned compassion and understanding to get you through yet another endless feeding session with your baby. These breastfeeding quotes are […]

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