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51 New Month Quotes for Your Calendar

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Inside: 51 New Month Quotes. With each new month comes new challenges, new memories, exciting events, and a chance to grow. I love celebrating each new month as it comes up on the calendar. I always end each month by planning the next, seeing what Birthdays, Holidays, appointments and free weekends I have. It is […]

Homeschool Quotes to Inspire and Make You Giggle

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Inside: Homeschool Quotes to Inspire and Make You Giggle The old stereotypes about being homeschooled are pretty much dead at this point. I’d like to thank those Mean Girls killed most of the stereotypes (thanks Lindsay Lohan!), but the reality is that it has become fairly normalized in our culture. We all know perfectly fine […]

Thank You Teacher Quotes – Start the School Year Right

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There is something absolutely magical about a good teacher. We all can remember those teachers whose kindness touched our hearts. Some of us are now parents who get to watch as our children get to have a relationship with a special teacher. These “Thank You Teacher Quotes” are designed to help celebrate the special teachers […]

25 Motivational Quotes For Students

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Inside: 25 Motivational quotes for students. With back to school on the horizon, getting everyone motivated is SUPER important. I know we all had fun with our funny summer quotes, but now it’s time to buckle down and do the work. Make it easier with these quotes to get everyone motivated for the school year […]

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