Inside: Festive Christmas Quotes for Teachers.

Christmas time is the perfect time to spread a little joy to everyone around us. One of those people we think deserve an extra sprinkle of joy are the teachers that so selflessly dedicate their lives to teaching our kiddos. We have put together some of the cutest Christmas quotes to tell your teachers just how special they are and a few extra special ones that teachers will love to use during this merry time.


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Christmas Quotes for Teachers

Festive Christmas Quotes Just for Teachers

Here are a few special Christmas quotes just for teachers! Send them to all your kid’s teachers to show them just how much you appreciate them this holiday.

1. When the angels made up their mind to create the perfect teacher, they made you. Merry Christmas.

2. If there is one lesson I learned about Christmas it is to give credit where credit is due. Happy holidays, dear teacher.

3. Enjoy your Christmas as much as you enjoy molding minds!

Christmas Quotes for Teachers

Christmas quotes to print for home

4. I’m wishing you a relaxing and inspiring Winter break so you’ll be refreshed and ready to teach us next semester.

5. You are one of my best and favorite teachers. Our family would like to say Merry Christmas to yours.

6. Happy Christmas to you! Please put in a good word for me with Santa. Let him know I’m a well behaved student in your class.

7. Some things are more important than school. One of those things is having a Merry Christmas!

8. Ah, Christmas break! It’s the most wonderful time of the year for teachers! Other than Summer break that is.

Christmas Quotes for Teachers

9. Education is the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for the amazing gift you give me through your teaching.

10. I won’t miss getting up early or having to do homework during Winter break, but I will miss learning from my teachers!

Christmas Quotes Teachers Will Love

We know teachers love to decorate their room, making the space festive for all their students. Here are a few fun Christmas quotes for teachers rooms.

11. I just want to drink hot cocoa and watch Hallmark movies.

12. Sparkle and Shine, it’s Christmas time!

13. Is it Christmas break yet?

Christmas Quotes for Teachers

14. The elves did it.

15. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

16. My favorite color is Christmas lights.

17. You rock my Christmas socks.

Christmas Quotes for Teachers

Teacher appreciation gifts prints

Give your favorite teacher a funny Christmas gift or a sweet one like a signed Teacher Thank You Poster from all the kids.

18. Kindness is Free, Sprinkle that Stuff Everywhere.

19. Christmas Magic is in the air.

20. All is calm, all is bright.

Merry Christmas Quotes for Teachers

There are so many quotes to choose from, here are a few more of our favorite Christmas quotes for teachers.

21. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

22. Santa has to keep track of billions of kids and deliver billions of presents each year, but he has nothing on hard working teachers like you!

23. Sweater Weather is Better Together.

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24. I hope you enjoy your Christmas even more than you enjoy teaching a classroom full of curious minds.

25. Merry Everything and Happy Always.

26. Both teachers and students can share in celebrating at least one thing together. We both like to get a day off from school!

27. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle.

Holiday Quotes

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28. You’ve been amazing this semester and we’re grateful our son/daughter was able to be your student. Merry Christmas!

29. Happy holla days.

30. We hope you get to relax while away from your students this Christmas and you’re able to return refreshed and energized next semester.

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