Inside: Happy Mothers Day Quotes in Spanish with Images

Send the sweetest of words to your mom this Mother’s Day! These sweet messages are the best way to say I love you to your mom on Mother’s Day! I love these 55 Happy Mothers Day Quotes in Spanish with images to share! Each quote is the perfect words to share with the one person that has been by your side since birth!

Happy Mothers Day Quotes in Spanish with Images

Happy Mothers Day Quotes in Spanish

I love these sweet words to share with mom on Mothers Day! They are so simple and sweet!

1. Mother is the name of God on the lips and in the hearts of children.

2. My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever knew. Everything I am I owe to my mother.

Spanish Mothers Day Quotes

3. Mother… I am going to follow you… you see ahead that giving me the example, I will do it instantly.

4. The mother is our providence on earth in the first years of life, our strongest support in the following years of childhood, and our most tender and loyal friend in the stormy years of youth.

5. The only arms you will always find when you need a hug are your mother’s.

6. We love the mother almost without knowing it; and we only perceive the full depth of the roots of this love at the moment of the last separation.

7. Mother there is only one, do not love her in the past or future. Love her in the present.

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8. A man’s work is from sunrise to sunset, but a mother’s work never ends.

Great Mothers Day Quotes

A few more sweet words to share with your mother! I love these sweet Happy Mothers Day quotes in spanish!

9. Thank you for sharing all my joys, and for helping me in my sadness.

10. Thanks for listening and advising me.

11.  You are my unconditional friend … Thank you!

Mothers Day Quotes

12. Together with you I learned the meaning of the most beautiful word in the world: LOVE.

13. Thanks for everything you have done to me

14. I am grateful / grateful for all your work

15. You are the best mom in the world

Mothers Day Spanish Quotes

Spanish Quotes for Mom

Here are a few more of my favoirte Happy Mothers Day quotes in Spanish!

16. When I grow up I want to be like you, a great woman

17. You are the funniest mom

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18. He gave me life. Loving honest. The best mom

19. You have all my love.

20. I love you today and every day of the year!

21. Thanks for everything you teach me.

22. You brighten my day.

23. When I am with you, I am happy as a fish in the water.

Quotes for Mom in Spanish

These are just a few of the amazing quotes for Mother’s Day! For more Great Mothers Day Quotes in Spanish check out these 32 Spanish phrases for Mother’s Day!



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We hope you love these awesome Happy Mothers day quotes in Spanish! They are perfect to share with your mom this Mother’s Day! Let us know in the comments what your favorites are!