Inside: I’m sorry quotes for her.

Saying “I’m sorry” can sometimes be two of the hardest words to say. It takes a shot to the ego to admit that we were wrong and caused someone else pain. However, these can also be two of the most powerful words we can say.

We cannot take away the wrongs we have done, but we can acknowledge what we have done and seek to make amends.

These “I’m sorry quotes for her” are designed to help you find the words to make things right again. Maybe it was a small deal, and maybe it was a big hurt. Whatever the case, show her you love and care for her with these “I’m sorry quotes for her.”

I’m Sorry Quotes for Her – Show Her You Really Care

1. I’m sorry for what I said to you when I was hungry.

2. I’m so sorry I pushed you away when I needed you most.

Im Sorry Quotes for Her

3. I wish I could be a better me for your sake.

4. I know we all make mistakes, but I’m sorry for the ones that hurt you.

5. I will never stop trying to show you that I am truly sorry.

There is no worse feeling than hurting you

6. There is no worse feeling than hurting you. I am sorry.

7. I am happy that you are happy. I’m sorry I caused any pain.

8. I love you, and will never stop proving that I am sorry.

9. I fucked up, I know it, and I am sorry.

10. I don’t miss anything as much as I miss you.

11. I am sorry for what “whiskey me” did last night.

12. If I could turn back time I would forgive all the things we did and start over.

13. I am sorry for all the trouble that I caused you.

14. Since an apology is a way to have the last word, I will instead say that I will always love you.

15. I shouldn’t have blamed you for my hurt. That was unfair.


I’m Sorry Quotes for Her – Thank you for always loving me

16. I know I am incredibly difficult. Thank you for always loving me.

17. When I apologize I mean it. Your happiness means the world to me.

18. My heart has been leaking and bleeding since the day I hurt you.

19. My ego was bruised, but it was no excuse to treat you that way.

20. I shouldn’t have done that, please accept my apology.

21. You can’t see the tears in my heart. I pray you can feel the pain in my heart.

22. I can never repay the generosity of your forgiveness.

23. I really hate apologizing. But making it right with you is worth it.

24. I know you love me because you forgive the worst in me.

Quotes that say I'm Sorry

25. I know I am the cause of the storm, please let me at least be your umbrella.