Inside: 73 Flawless Lash Quotes + Captions.

I think we can all agree that having lush, thick, lock, and curly lashes makes us feel instantly more gorgeous. 

Eyelash extensions can guarantee it without the added hassle of curling, perming, or a dozen coats of mascara. I mean what could be better than the perfect lashes every day without any work?

I remember my first time wearing false lashes I knew I was hooked. Since then I think I have tried every different form of lashes and each one I love more and more. 

Share your love of lashes with these cute lash quotes that are perfect for showing off your new look on insta! 

Lash Quotes for Instagram

Cute Lash Quotes

1. Best lashes for the beauty queen

2. Step up your make-up game

3. Because, lashes matter

4. For your own beauty

5. Recommended by a ton of beauticians

6. It’s time to stop the eye drama

7. Lashes for a better face

8. For your magnificent eyes

9. Lashes for beautiful eyes

10. Your eyes deserves better

Catchy Eyelash Phrases

11. Be fabulash.

12. Oh, my lash!

13. An individual may not be flawless, but her lashes will be.

14. Companions don’t allow companions to have little lashes.

15. Maintain your level high and eyelashes long.

16. Go pretty, go lash!

17. Find more beautiful lashes

18. Life is short, so are your lashes

19. Pretty lashes, pretty you

20. I would have been a socially awkward geek, if not for false eyelashes! 

Lash Quotes for Instagram

21. All you need in life is an eyelash extension.

22. Life is so much better with an eyelash extension.

23. Wear some eyelashes and wear some mascara and slay all day.

24. Slaying lashes since 1999.

25. Slay lashes. Slay blushes. Slay men. 

Makeup Sayings

26. How difficult can makeup be? Eyelash curlers are needed only. 

27. I need some eyelashes. 

28. Eyelash and an eyelash extension are better friends than Thelma & Louise.

29. Lashes make everything better!

30. All is dreamy with an eyelash extension and a curler. 

Funny Lash Quotes

31. What would have been life without some lash extensions!

32. Life would definitely be dull without these lash extensions! 

33. A selfie needs to be taken after I wear some lash extensions!

34. Be party-ready with lash extensions!

35. What are lash extensions for, if not for winking? 

36. Lashes make the perfect curtains for your eyes.

37. Protect your eyes. And protect your eyelashes more.

38. Keep calm and keep wearing lash extensions!

Pink Lash Quotes

39. If you do not own a pair of lash extensions, then it’s high time, you buy one!

40. Keep calm and let me do your eyelashes!

41. I only do lashes. 

Fun Eyelash Puns

42. My specialty would be lashes!

43. I have had a bachelor’s degree in doing lashes!

44. I have got 99 problems and my eyelashes aren’t one.

45. If the eyelashes are fine, then there’s no problem at all.

46. Major lash extension!

47. Inner beauty is alright but let us see some eyelashes!

48. If a woman wants to wear makeup, help her in the process. And if a woman doesn’t want to wear makeup, then let her be.

49. Beauty begins with you yourself! And later some lash extensions.

50. Don’t stress too much. Portray your own personality.

51. Makeup is an extension of your personality!

Eyelash Quotes That Make You Feel Pretty

52. Put on some false eyelashes and rule your way through!

53. Some false eyelashes wouldn’t do any harm.

54. Until death does us apart! Lash extensions for life!

55. Be a friend and put on these lash extensions!

56. Put on some eyelash extensions and see the magic, feel the magic and live the magic!

57. Eyelash extensions are a form of magic!

58. You can wrong absolutely everything but not your lashes!

59. Where are your lashes?

Funny Lash Quotes

60. The best makeup is some eyelash extensions!

61. Need some false lashes in life. 

Lash Quotes for Everyday of the Week

62. Heal the world and make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race but first, put on some eyelash extensions! 

63. My lashes are more perfect than my life.

64. Nothing is perfect if your lashes aren’t. 

65. Before and after wearing eyelash extensions.

66. That moment when your makeup artist makes you wear some lash extensions!

67. Eyelash extensions are a woman’s best-kept secret.

68. Womanhood is fulfilled only after you start wearing some lash extensions!

69. Fulfill all of your wishes by wearing on some lash extensions! 

70. Lashes always make everything around seem nicer! 

71. Lashes have always felt good! 

72. We ordinary people can see neither our own eyelashes, which are so close nor the heavens in the distance.

73. Thank God for Redbull and fake eyelashes.

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