Inside: Funny sushi quotes and captions for Instagram.

When people ask me what my favorite food is, I automatically respond with “sushi”! I love the fresh flavors, the spicy wasabi, and the salty soy sauce combination. It’s also food I don’t have every day, so sushi nights are always even more special for that reason. I decided since sushi is my absolute favorite food, why not find sushi quotes to perfectly sum up my sushi fandom!

If you are wanting to share your sushi love on your socials or you’re a sushi restaurant owner looking for a cute, funny quote for your captions, this list of sushi quotes is for you!

Let’s roll on with the quotes!

Funny Sushi Quotes and Captions

Funny Sushi Quotes

1.This is how we roll!

2. You are shrimply the best!

3. Let the good times roll!

Let the good times roll!

4. Miso hungry!

5. Every day is sushi day.

6. A balanced diet is a sushi roll in each hand

7. Holy roller!

8. So many rolls, so little time.

9. I’m soy into you!

10. Life without you is like sushi without rice. Sad and empty!

11. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy sushi, which is the same thing.

Sushi Captions for Instagram

12. Sushi lovers unite!

13. Sushi night with my bestie!

14. Date night sushi with my love

15. We go together like sushi and wasabi.

Romantic sushi quotes

16. A plate of happiness…

17. No more mister rice guy

18. You had me at nigiri!

19. Make every day sushi day,

20. You’re my soy-mate!

21. Rice rice baby!

22. I wish for fish.

23. Long-time, no sea

Sushi Sayings to Show How You Roll

24. The rice and the salmon were great together. You could say they were soy mates.

25. I’m something of an expert on sushi. You could call me an o-fish-cial.

26. The sushi chef found the source of the buzzing noise. It wasabi.

27. All you need is love and sushi.

All you need is love and sushi sayings

28. Surround yourself with sushi, not negativity.

29. “Making sushi is an art, and experience is everything.” -Nobu Matsuhisa

30. “I don’t discriminate against sushi. It’s all good in my book.” -Billy Horschel

31. “Go out one day and treat yourself. Go out and have the best sushi you can find, or go to the best barista in your city and have just a cup of cappuccino, and tell yourself that you deserve this. I think that is very empowering.” -Roy Choi

32. Everything is better with sushi.

33. Today’s good mood is sponsored by sushi.

34. Rice and shine!

Silly Sushi Sayings

35. She believed she could, sushi did!

36. Sushi is Japanese for YUMMY.

37. Sushi is cheaper than therapy.

38. Shrimply the cutest

39. I’d recommend the electric eel sushi. It’s shockingly good.

40. Sushiholic? Yes, we are!

41. If you are reading this, bring me sushi.

42. Sushi time and feeling fine!

43. Ways to make me happy: buy me sushi, make me sushi, be sushi.

Ways to make me happy: buy me sushi, make me sushi, be sushi.

44. “The fine art of preparing sushi is something that you watch and learn.” –Nobu Matsuhisa

45. My blood type is sushi.

Even More Sushi Captions for Instagram

46. Introverted, but willing to discuss sushi!

47. I like sushi and maybe 3 other people.

48. Life happens, sushi helps!

49. Feed me sushi and tell me I’m pretty.

sushi captions for Instagram

50. Wasa, bae?

51. Sushi is the best food in the tuna-verse!

52. Rollin’ with the homies

53. I put the spicy in spicy tuna roll.

54. About to eat my body weight in sushi.

55. Living that sushi life!