Inside: 23 Beautiful iPhone Wallpaper Quotes.

Did you know on average people check their phones around 80 times per day? Yeah! PER DAY! Eek! Unfortunately, I am defiantly one of those people, if I am being honest I probably check mine more than 80 times on most days. Don’t judge me. So why not make each of those phone checks a little moment of motivation?

Every time we pick up our phone the first thing we see is our lock screen, which for some is a great photo of a fun memory, or maybe it’s a snap of your loved one. For me I LOVE having motivational words to keep me inspired, that is why I love all of these beautiful iPhone Wallpaper quotes!

They are full of funny, uplifting motivation for all those 80 times you see them in a day!

iPhone Wallpaper Quotes

Check out our favorite iPhone quotes that will inspire you on good days, uplift you on the bad days, and give you a good laugh for every other day! We have the best list of iPhone quotes for any moment life throws at you!

iPhone Wallpaper Quotes that will Inspire You

Needing a little inspiration? Here are a few of the best inspiring iPhone Wallpaper quotes for your phone background! There is a quote to keep you upbeat and confident in everyday life! From “You Got This” to “Stay Groovy” each of these quotes will bring you a little inspo to life! Let us know YOUR favorite!!!

1. You Are Enough

2. Everything is going to be OK

Pretty iPhone Wallpaper Quotes

3. You Got This

4. You are beautiful. You are worthy. And You are enough.

5. See Good in all Things

6. Time to make magic happen

7. You should see me in my crown

Crown Images For Iphone

8. Stay Groovy

9. Never be afraid to do things your way!

The Perfect iPhone Wallpaper for a Bad Day

We all have bad days, and too many bad days can really keep a girl down. That is why I came up with these iPhone wallpaper quotes for all the BAD days! Everything you need from being kind to chanting “no more bad days” each of these quotes are perfect for lifting your mood!

10. Good Things Take Time!

11. Being KIND is RAD

Colorful iPhone Wallpaper Quotes

12. Every journey begins with a single step.

13. Don’t worry about things you can control.

14. Do something today that your future self will thank you for later.

15. No Bad Days

Funny iPhone Wallpaper Quotes

16. It’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up!

17. Shoot your Shot

Funny iPhone Wallpaper Quotes

There aren’t many problems that a good laugh can fix, am I right? Having a little moment of laughter for each of those 80 phone pickups adds for a lot of fun during the day! Smile each pickup with these funny iPhone wallpaper quotes! Which made you laugh the most?

18. Don’t Touch My Phone, Bitch

19. Hotter than Hell

Cool Graphics For iphone wallpapers

20. I need money not feelings

21. What’s the TEA sis?

Inspiring & Whimsical iPhone Wallpaper Quotes

22. Okay, BOOMER

23. I whisper “WTF” to myself at least 20 times a day!

More Fun Quote Ideas

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Words are way more than just letters put together, they have the power to change our mindset in any situation! That is why it is SO important to find important words that inspire you each and every day. Every single one of those 80 times you pick up your phone is a moment to feel happy, motivated and inspired! This is why we love sharing these 23 beautiful iPhone wallpaper quotes with you! Let us know in the comments which inspired you the most and which quotes you used as your new background!