Inside: My Queen Quotes. 

She is your Queen. Some days she is keenly aware of this, and some days she needs to be reminded who she is. Maybe she is a Queen and doesn’t even know it. We have put together this list of “My Queen” quotes to help you think about her or to help encourage her.

When you read these “My Queen” Quotes and you think of her, send her a message, buy her a print – show her you know who she is.

The Best “My Queen” Quotes

1. You’re my Queen, you don’t have to deal with their shit

2. A King cannot be a King without the strength of his Queen

3. You are a Queen and deserve to be treated as such

4. My Queen, my life is yours

5. Don’t ever forget that you are a Queen

6. Queens don’t compete with Hoes

My Queen Quotes

7. “You’re my queen, and anyone who says different can fuck off.” – P.C. Cast

8. You are the Queen of my heart

9. As a Queen, you deserve the full love of a man

10. You are a Queen, not a princess – you don’t need saving

11. You’re my Queen, let’s build an empire

12. “thither write, my queen, and with my eyes, I’ll drink the words you send” – Shakespeare

You are my Queen

13. I am at your service; you are my Queen

14. She’s a Queen, but she can go from royal to gangster real quick

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15. Queens don’t bother themselves with the affairs of peasants

16. “You’ll be my Queen, and I’ll be your Jester, ’cause all I want is to fill your days with laughter” – Rick Ferreira

17. When they throw stones at you, use them to build your empire my Queen

18. Straighten your crown my Queen and take care of your shit

19. Queen’s don’t run in packs, they lead the pack

20. Keep Calm – Your are the Queen and you got this

21. Remind them that you are the Queen, and they need to ask permission

My Queen Quotes

22. They call you a drama Queen, I say you’re the Queen of the drama

23. As my Queen, my life is all yours

24. Queens aren’t defeated by the pain, they turn it into power

25. My Queen, take your day, it belongs to you anyway