It’s your son’s Birthday. The little baby that made you a mother may not be so little anymore, but he still has his finger wrapped around your heart. These Quotes from Mother to Son on His Birthday are meant to help capture exactly how your heart is feeling, even if the words don’t always come easy.

Celebrate the one who made you a Mama with these warmhearted, funny, sentimental quotes for him on his birthday. Being a mother is the best gift a woman can receive, and watching your son grow up into a wonderful man is just the icing on the cake. So celebrate your son on his birthday, he’s worth it.

Quotes From Mother to Son on His Birthday

1. Thank you for making me the happiest mother in the world.

2. I cannot express how grateful I am to be your mother.

3. I’m so proud of the man that you’ve grown up to be.

4. I will always get mushy on your birthday, it’s a mother’s job.

5. You won’t always need me, but I will always love you.

Quotes from mother to son on his birthday

6. From your first breath to your first step, you’ve always been mine.

7. You’re welcome for dressing you so well as a baby, makes the wedding slideshow look better.

8. I still cannot believe I used to hold you in my arms, and now it’s your 21st birthday.

9. When God gave me a son I didn’t realize I was getting the best gift ever.

Thank you for always making me the proudest Mom.

10. Thank you for always making me the proudest Mom.

11. Happy Birthday to the World’s Okayest Son!

12. You might be my only son, but you are still my favorite.

13. I will always worry about you no matter how old you get.

14. You’re welcome for never losing you in the grocery store, except that one time, and that other one.

Son birthday Quotes

15. Every smile on your face is another gift for me.

16. I may have given you life, but you gave me a reason to live.

17. I have a picture of you from every birthday that I look at today, so many reasons to celebrate.

18. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but we’ve weathered every storm.

Quotes From Mother to Son on His Birthday

19. You have made the past 10 years the most amazing of my life.

20. Thank you for making me a mother, I will always treasure that title.

21. You are the reason my smile is wider and my heart is brighter.

22. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me – Happy Birthday Son.

23. Thank you for making me the happiest mother in the world.

Mother and Son Quotes

24. You may be out of our house now, but you have never left my heart. Happy Birthday.

25. Studies show those with more birthdays tend to live longer.