Inside: Birthday Quotes for Niece

You love your little niece – the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for her. She lights up your life, especially since you get to give her back to her parents when she gets cranky.

The most special thing about being an Aunt is getting to celebrate your niece’s birthday!

These Birthday Quotes for Niece were cultivated to help you celebrate the birthday of your favorite little girl. So grab a quote or two, modify a few, or order a print to truly show her how wonderful she is.

Birthday Quotes for Niece to Make Her Feel Special

1. Happy Birthday to my beautiful little niece.

2. I can still remember holding you the day you were born.

3. Let’s celebrate by doing something that will embarrass your mother.

4. For your birthday, let’s go shopping.

5. To the most awesome niece ever, happy birthday!

6. Don’t tell your sister, but you’re my favorite niece.

7. Happy Birthday to the little girl who obviously takes after her Aunt.

8. I’ve never cherished a title the way I do when you made me an “Aunt.”

Birthday Quotes for Niece – The best day of the year!

9. It’s my favorite day of the year, my niece’s birthday!

10. To have a niece as lucky as you makes me incredibly lucky.

11. Here together or miles apart, a niece like you are always in my heart.

12. My life would have remained incomplete if you weren’t born on this very day.

13. I cannot believe I love a child as much as I do my niece.

14. Happy Birthday – now let’s go shopping for things that will make your mom blush.

15. Stay Calm, it’s my niece’s birthday!

16. Since I’m your Aunt, it’s my job to spoil you!

17. Happiness is being your Aunt. Joy is celebrating today with you.

18. I hope your birthday is filled with magic, laughter, and lots of love.

19. For your birthday all I want is to see you smile.

Thanks for making me the most grateful Aunt in the world

20. Thanks for making me the most grateful Aunt in the world.

21. If a great-niece was a jewel, we’d need to put you in a museum.

22. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful, intelligent, and loving niece like you.

23. May my sweet little niece have a great big birthday.

24. You are the sweet sugar to my tea, my little niece.

25. You are such a beautiful soul, and I wish you the happiest birthday.